How to customize the Xiaomi MIUI Control Center

xiaomi miui how to change control center status bar

We certainly do not discover today that the MIUI it is the harbinger of various customizations for the graphics component of smartphones Xiaomi. I recently told you how to have 6 icons in the dock, as well as changing the MIUI startup animation. But the MIUI aesthetic modification options do not end there, even without relying on any external third-party app. Did you know that MIUI itself allows you to change the status bar and the control Center in a few clicks? Today I'll explain how to do it.

Upgrade 04 / 05: in the article I have added other themes to fish from to customize the Control Center.

MIUI allows you to customize Xiaomi's status bar and Control Center: here's how to do it

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I make two premises: the first is that this method changes both the status bar and the control Center of Xiaomi's MIUI. It is not possible to change only one of the two elements, therefore. The other premise, a duty, is that I do not ensure that this customization option is present on any model and any MIUI. There could be Xiaomi smartphones that do not have it, in case report it in the comments, but in this case unfortunately there seems to be nothing to be done to remedy.

Having said that, let's see how to proceed to perform this graphic customization:

  • Open Themes app
  • Click on the Profile icon at the bottom right
  • Select "Customize the theme"
  • On the next screen, click on "Status bar"

In this section of the Temi you can choose one of the themes you have saved and apply only the status bar and the Control Center, leaving the other components of the UI unchanged. This is the ideal method if maybe there is a theme you like for icons, another for the Control Center, another for the startup animation, and so on.

Below you can see some examples of modifying the status bar and the Control Center. Here is the name of the Themes to search for in the app:

  • Android 12
  • beautification
  • Cracking House
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Dream OS v12
  • Neon_3MDP
  • Pixel Neo G
  • ProGoogle Dual 2.0
  • WenyCLM
  • ROG mods v12
  • Nubia Red Magic

Unfortunately, this customization mode does not apply to all Themes. I'm not sure why, but some Themes do not allow you to apply only the status bar and Control Center, returning the error "Unfortunately, our server is temporarily down. error: check | exceed times". And since the Themes app doesn't have a filter that makes it clear which themes are compatible with this option, the only way is to download themes and find out which ones are.

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