Ecovacs Deebot N8 + review: it's the SMARTEST of all and cleans itself

Take a Deebot Ozmo 920 and add a self-emptying charging base. This is the starting point of the Ecovacs Deebot N8 + and yes, anyone who follows our reviews of robotic vacuum cleaners and scrubbers will know that we are talking about one of the brands we most appreciate in this sector, a sector now full of alternatives and devices. for all budgets.

Well, theEcovacs Deebot N8 + brings with it all the features of the 920, but enriches them with a self-emptying turret (which has a capacity of 2.5L) with which the company has tried to solve one of the most annoying tasks of these particular products: maintenance .

The reality of the facts however, theEcovacs Deebot N8 + he is not the first to use this convenient system, and now even the market for self-emptying automatic vacuum cleaners is chock full of alternatives. Who knows, then, how the new Ecovacs will position itself, especially in terms of quality / price ratio.

Ecovacs Deebot N8 + review: it is the SMARTest of all

Package Contents

Given its nature, the packaging with which theEcovacs Deebot N8 + it is larger than that of standard automatic vacuum cleaners. And it is also much richer: inside, in addition to the robot vacuum cleaner and the charging base with self-emptying tower, many accessories are included such as a mop to be used in washing mode, and 10 disposable washable cloths born with the same purpose. There are also numerous spare bags, to be installed in the turret, and the two side brushes that will be mounted on the robot.

Design and materials

Aesthetically, theEcovacs Deebot N8 + it is very similar to the Ozmo920, even if the dimensions change above all in terms of thickness: less often than the vast majority of its competitors, and is able to slip even under furniture that was taboo for the 920.

Available in two colors, white or black, theEcovacs Deebot N8 + integrates the typical laser turret for navigation, which will allow him to produce a plan of the environment in which he is working, which is practically accurate to the centimeter. The upper part can be opened, and hides the dirt container, as well as a red power button and the button for resetting the WiFi settings, essential when pairing the device to a network for the first time.

Below, then, there are the two super-bodied wheels, able to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm and guarantee good grip with the floor, even if the surface was wet in the washing process. The container for the water (which has a capacity of 240 ml) is completely independent from the one for the dirt and is positioned laterally, while the two side brushes are made with a structure mixed between rubber and bristles, perfect for collecting dirt on any possible material.


Like all the other products of the company, also theEcovacs Deebot N8 + is managed by an application for iOS and Android made quite well (even if it is translated into Italian in a way to say the least poco archaic). It will be necessary when first starting the app connect the robot vacuum cleaner to the WiFi network, to then start the first cleaning, which will allow the system to map the environment and then generate an extremely precise plan of the whole house: only in this first cleaning, my advice is to open all the doors and eliminate any obstacle from the floor, in order to make the robot produce a mapping as precise as possible. 

The sensors built into the vacuum cleaner will also manage to recognize carpets (which will be reproduced in the application with a zebra graphic), which will lead to a double advantage: in this way the robot will be able to modify the suction power once on the carpet and will avoid distributing the water on the fabric, if it is working in washing mode.

10 and praise then to the obstacle detection system, which combines the ei advanced dTOF sensors for mapping 4 times faster than standard mapping (performed with laser only), with a 2-fold increase in detection distance and the ability to detect objects up to 2 mm. 

Once the floor plan of the house has been created, it is possible to set up the virtual walls (beyond which the robot will not proceed), or exclude entire areas of the house. It is however very important to activate the advanced mode in advance cleaning (it is an option in the settings), so that you can then use one of the most interesting functions of the Ecovacs system: zone and multi-level cleaning.

It is these functions that will allow you to use the robot in multi-storey houses, or to start a complete cleaning or for a particular room or area: if you use the multi-level mode, however, it is important to remember that the charging and emptying base must be moved together with the robot to the desired floor.

The robot then he also speaks in Italian, a particular not from poco, and integrates a speaker with a very high playback volume. In the settings there is also the "do not disturb" function in time slots, and you can activate the continuous cleaning mode with which the robot, in the event of a low battery, would return to the base to recharge and then continue cleaning where it was suspended . Finally, it is also possible associate the Ecovacs account with a digital assistant, such as Google Assistant and Alexa, with which it will be possible to start the cleaning or stop it, simply by using your voice.

Suction power and washing quality - Ecovacs Deebot N8 +

To animate theEcovacs Deebot N8 + a motor capable of generating a suction power of 2300 Pa takes care of it, which, let's face it, is in line with the market for robots equipped with self-emptying. This power, together with the three motorized brushes, will allow the robot to vacuum up virtually any type of dirt, from the smallest to the largest grains, including hair and pet hair.

If we really wanted to find the hair in the egg, during operation, air is expelled from a slot on the side of the robot, which could lead to the involuntary movement of any dirt present in its path, which may not be sucked up during cleaning because it is pushed into areas where the robot could already to have passed.

It is also possible to monitor the position of the robot on the application in real time, and have a map of the areas in which the robot has already moved on to cleaning, with a lot of highlighting the path taken and the relative movements. If you also decide to use the mop function, with which the robot will spray water on the floor (which we advise you to enrich with white wine vinegar), you can choose between 4 different levels of intensity, so that the capacity of the tank can be sufficient even for an entire cleaning phase of a large room, avoiding the need to fill it halfway through cleaning: the mopping mode will be activated automatically when the structure for the microfibre cloth is assembled .

La noisiness it is not excessive at all, except if the system were to detect particular surfaces (such as carpets), and to clean an environment of about 100 square meters, the robot would work about an hour: cleaning is very fast, thanks to the excellent environmental mapping. 

But what is really noisy is the emptying process: at the end of each cleaning, the robot returns to its charging base and empties the dirt container emitting a decidedly loud but necessary noise, due to the compressor used to suck the dirt into the bag positioned in the turret.

The problem, however, is that the emptying phase lasts almost twice as long as the average of the other robots that self-clean: probably, this prolonged time is due to the robot's connection system with the turret, which has been positioned in the lower area. of the vacuum cleaner and which works through two holes.

Battery life

Battery life is average. With a single charge, theEcovacs Deebot N8 + it is able to work for about two hours in suction and washing mode with medium suction power. By increasing the Pa to the maximum, you will notice a decrease in autonomy, which is still sufficient for an environment of about 160 square meters.

The real limit of the autonomy of the Ecovacs Deebot N8 + it is therefore not due to the battery, but to the water container: its 240ml are sufficient to clean an environment of about 100 square meters and if it should work (at the maximum amount of water distributed) in homes or larger areas, it will certainly be necessary pause cleaning and refill it.

Charging times, on the other hand, are very long: for a full charge they may be necessary around 4 hours.

Price and conclusions - Ecovacs Deebot N8 +

The selling price ofEcovacs Deebot N8 + and of 599 €, a figure certainly not contained, but in line with the market and above all with what the robot offers. Also because, let's remember, we are talking about a medium / high-end product, which is enriched by the self-emptying base.

Let's not forget that theEcovacs Deebot N8 + is one of the very few robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners able to recognize carpets in a completely autonomous way and not have the thought of finding them wet, once the suction and washing phase has started, it is a godsend.

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