Hands and ears in order with the Xiaomi HuoHou kit on offer

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With the possibility of being able to return to move to various places, whether for business or pleasure, treat the just look it is always essential. And with the need not to be able to carry bulky cases, the kit Xiaomi HuoHou for the care di hands e ears becomes fundamental, especially at the price offered on offer with a discount code on Geekbuying.

Xiaomi HuoHou LED Portable Ear Nail Care: the kit for the care of hands and ears on offer on Geekbuying

So how is this interesting bundle composed? First of all, it maintains the minimal style that distinguishes the products of the partners Xiaomi, therefore with many elements in White. Going to take a more detailed look, we find a nail clipper in metal, a clean ears (or oriculi), equipped with LED light to be able to use it even in the dark with two heads: a probe and a brush for the ear canal.

The whole can be stored in a convenient pencil case so contained that it can fit in your pocket or backpack without problems. Speaking specifically of the ear cleaner, the Integrated LED it features 8 lumens capable of reaching i 5.000K of color temperature. The device, although not electrically operated, can be recharged via micro USB. The toothbrush does not have the possibility of illuminating the probe.

Find the hand and ear care kit Xiaomi HuoHou on the store of Geekbuying on offer with discount code at the excellent price of € 10.9, which you can combine with free registered shipping.

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Xiaomi Huohou Hand and Ear Care Kit | Geekbuying
€ 10.9
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