The Tronsmart Element T6 Max speaker returns on sale from Europe

Tronsmart Element T6 Max

The speaker Tronsmart Element T6 Max is a 60W beast full of power and autonomy and if you are evaluating the offers dedicated to products of this type ... well, take a look at this discount code to use on Geekbuying, which allows you to save quite a bit with shipping from Europe.

Geekbuying speaker offers: Tronsmart Element T6 Max drops in price with discount code

Tronsmart Element T6 Max

We covered this speaker in an in-depth review (found here), a good starting point to evaluate whether you are facing the right product for you. The Tronsmart Element T6 Max speaker is a device with an elegant design, made of aluminum and a section of fabric; inside the body they find space 4 tweeters1 woofer e 8 passive radiators, for a sound diffusion a 360 ° degrees. The battery is a 12.000 mAh unit (precisely 6 units of 2.000 mAh) and there is no lack of support for the voice assistants Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Tronsmart Element T6 Max speaker is available on offer on Geekbuying with a discount code at a very competitive price of 51.9 €, to which the just 0.4€ for the shipping from Europe. For what it costs, this speaker stands out among its competitors for its great quality / price ratio.

Tronsmart Element T6 Max | Geekbuying
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