The 60W Tronsmart Mega Pro speaker is at the new minimum from Europe

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Bluetooth speakers are certainly one of the most used accessories for music in recent times, given their usability. For this, one Bluetooth speaker very powerful like the Tronsmart Element Mega Pro da 60W could meet the needs of those looking for more immersive audio, especially on offer at an all-time low with discount code su Geekbuying with shipping from Europe.

Tronsmart Element Mega Pro: the 60W Bluetooth speaker at an all-time low on Geekbuying

discount code tronsmart element mega pro offer coupon bluetooth speaker 60W 2

Despite a truly similar design to the Mega model, we have reviewed, the Pro is distinguished by various hardware factors, much more powerful than those of the base model. First of all, we start with loudspeakers with channels 2.1 with a power of 60W, which allow a high presence of bass. All this obviously driven by renewed technology Sound Pulse. What convinces, already on paper, however, is the autonomy of this device that uses a good battery 10.400 mAh, which allows up to 10 hours of consecutive playback.

Moving on to smart functions, we have 3 types of equalization: Deep Bass (default), Vocal and 3D. There is no lack of total support for 3 gods voice assistants most important ones like Siri, Cortana and Google. The top panel is touch sensitive so you just need to touch the button you need to activate the various functions.

The connection is present, as in the previous model NFC, obviously the Bluetooth 5.0, with the possibility of creating a high quality stereo system. Convenient the fact that it is resistant to dust and splashes with IPX5 certification. The product is rechargeable via USB Type-C.

Find the Bluetooth speaker Tronsmart Element Mega Pro da 60W on offer at time low with discount code on Geekbuying at the excellent price of 52.9€, which combined with shipping from Europe of 2.2€ makes it a very interesting opportunity to have a powerful and quality speaker.

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Tronsmart Element Mega Pro 60W - Geekbuying

Shipping from EUROPE - 2.2 €

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