How to change Xiaomi's MIUI charging animation (No root)

how to change animation reload xiaomi miui theme

Well yes, even today we talk about customization MIUI, more specifically of how change the reload animation of smartphones Xiaomi. A similar topic to the one I discussed earlier, when I explained how change the startup animation. And as in that case, even on this tour I will explain how to personalize your smartphone in an even deeper way. Also because these are configuration methods that are not immediately evident, so I decided to create this guide that explains it to you in a few steps.

Here are the MIUI themes with which to change the charging animation of your Xiaomi

As with the startup animation, changing the reload animation is also possible thanks to the platform Temi of Xiaomi's MIUI. Not surprisingly, this app is one of the company's trump cards, especially because it can count on a very close-knit community. And it is precisely this community that feeds this type of customization, creating ad hoc theming for Xiaomi smartphones. In fact, these alternate animations are usually not pre-installed, so many users may not be aware of their existence.

Here's what you need to do to change the reload animation:

  • Open Themes app
  • Click on the search bar at the top
  • Search and download the following themes:
    • Ronix UI
    • ProGoogle Dual 2.0
    • Pure2 Pro v11
    • GREEN [Liquid]
    • Freedom
    • Donuts
    • Hello White v12

Above you see the previews of the reload animations that you can get by downloading and applying the aforementioned themes. Some have only one, others have multiple and in this case they can be configured through the appropriate menus on the lock screen. If you know any more, please suggest them in the comments. If you don't find them in the search, it may be necessary change the region of the smartphone.

Once downloaded, you can apply them in their entirety or, alternatively, set only the lock screen and the reload animation. To do this, here's what you need to do:

  • Open Themes app
  • Click the Profile icon at the bottom right
  • Select the item "Customize the theme"
  • Select the option "Unlock style”And choose the desired option

In this way, you can change the charging animation of the MIUI theme that you use on your Xiaomi smartphone. However, your smartphone does not necessarily have the Theme Personalization menu: in this case, you will necessarily have to apply the Theme in its entirety.

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