BC Master BC-T05 review: what a style and what a price!

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By now we know, we can really buy TWS earphones at any price, but often the style is not part of the entry-level range, whether they sound good or not. However, this is not the case with TWS earphones BC-Master BC-T05 we tried for this review, which combine convenience with beautiful design, but will they also sound good?

BC Master BC-T05 Review | TWS earphones

Package Contents

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The packaging of the BC-Master BC-T05 in review follows that of other brands that are choosing more and more recycled boxes for their products, especially for TWS earphones or accessories. In addition to this, it is a substantially essential package, it has just the headphones, the charging case, the grommets, the charging cable and the manuals.

Design and materials

First point in favor of these BC Master it is the design. They do not seem entry-level earphones at all and rise to a style that is the prerogative of some top range of the most popular brands. This is also thanks to the excellent materials chosen by the manufacturer, who made them with polycarbonate matte (both the earphones and the case), leaving a central glossy finish in conjunction with the touch sensors. It is not for everyone in this price range, certainly promoted. Excellent the IPX5 certification, ideal if you play sports.

Smart functions

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The smart functions of the BC-T05. Without a doubt, the brand has worked concretely, making the touch controls very precise and above all fast in responding to solicitation. We really enjoyed using these TWS earphones, without overdoing it and therefore in a concrete way as mentioned. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated application, but given the price it can fit.

For the pairing, but here too the cost determines this, although the standard is present Bluetooth 5.0, you have to pull the headphones BC-Master BC-T5 out of the case to pair them with your smartphone. In any case, however, once paired they are stable.

Audio Quality - BC Master BC-T05 Review

Good, really good sound for a range base product. The TWS BC Master BC-T05 earphones in review they have a well-made audio, you are satisfied with what you get and, related to the price, it is difficult to expect more. We don't have a high level codec like AAC either aptX, but theSBC does his duty and does not make us regret them.

Even for calls we have no problems at all when we speak and when we listen, the speaker can be heard clearly and therefore you can use them without problems even on the street. They don't have very large drivers (7.2mm), but they perform very well.

Here is the complete technical sheet of the TWS ANC BC Master BC-T05 earphones:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 (A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP);
  • 7.2mm dynamic drivers;
  • transmission distance 10 meters;
  • SBC codec;
  • impedance 16 Ohm;
  • case weight: 33.28g;
  • earphones weight: 7.16 g;
  • earphone battery: 43 mAh;
  • case battery: 600 mAh;
  • IPX5 certification;


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The autonomy of BC Master it really matters, no doubt. Thanks to the charging case from 600 mAh and single earphone modules from 43 mAh respect the approx 5 hours of playback consecutive and the many hours thanks to the support of the case. With a charge of approx 2.5 hours you can safely forget to recharge them for a long time.

BC Master BC-0T5: Price and conclusions

As always when it comes to conclusions, the price it allows us to identify if a product is framed or not. These BC-Master BC-T05 in review they cost approx €30, but they are very often found on The Amazon about €20, which totally changes the perspective when we want to spend poco.

And this is the target they are aimed at. You want to spend a lot poco and you don't care about noise cancellation? Take these earphones. Do you want something stylish but as soon as you look at other brands, the prices are exorbitant? Choose these earphones. For all uses that can be done with TWS earphones from 20 €, with these BC Master you can do them without any problem and you also have a well-made product.

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Package Contents
Design and comfort
Smart functions
Sound quality
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bc-master-bc-t05-tws-earphones review We know by now, we can really buy TWS earphones at any price, but often the style is not part of the entry-level range, whether they sound good or not. This however is not the case with the BC Master BC-T05 TWS earphones we tested for this ...