BAYCYCLE Smart 2.0 Review: The affordable and compact e-bike is a panacea for the city

Aluminum frame, rear shock absorber, double disc brake, ultra-compact size and a design to say the least poco unusual. These are the characteristics of the new one BAICYCLE Smart 2.0, an economic pedal assisted electric bicycle, able to reach a maximum speed of 25 Km / h, thanks to the 300w brushless motor and a battery that is practically invisible.

A product undoubtedly suitable for all budgets, but not for all types of road: for this reason, before purchasing (among other things, at a discount through the coupon you find below), it is important to be able to evaluate all its characteristics well.

Review BAICYCLE Smart 2.0: the cheap and compact e-bike is great for the city

Package Contents

Unlike the vast majority of the exponents of the category, the sales package of the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 it is quite compact, despite the fact that the electric bicycle is delivered practically already assembled.

Extracted from the box, it will be necessary exclusively install the seat, and screw the two pedals which, among other things, are of the fixed type and they cannot be folded.

Data Sheet

  • Motor power: 300W (brushless type);
  • Full speed: limited to 25 km / h;
  • Battery: non-removable from 36v and 7,8 Ah;
  • Tires: 12 inches;
  • Three driving mode;
  • Front light: LED;
  • Chassis: aluminum alloy;
  • Bike weight: 16 kg;
  • Weight supported: 150 Kg;
  • Disc brake: front / rear;
  • Dimensions when open: 114 x 49 x 99 cm;
  • Closed dimensions: 117 x 27 x 63 cm.

Design and materials

If there is one thing that immediately catches the eye when you first see it there BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 is its tubular design. The electric bike is basically made with a fixed central tube, in which the battery pack has been hidden, and another diagonal structure to which the wheel e is then connected the rear shock absorber. That's all.

Despite being classified among folding electric bicycles, actually all aluminum frame cannot be folded: the only element that is endowed with the typical locking and unlocking mechanism is the handlebar. Poco bad though, because the super compact size of the bicycle makes it anyway easier to carry of other models with totally foldable frame.

And this is also thanks to the wheels, which with a 12 "diameter are very small in size, which makes the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 suitable for urban use only: dirt roads, areas such as beaches and so on, are to be avoided.

And this is perhaps one of the reasons why those of BAICYCLE they thought about placing a elastomer shock absorber rear: in this way, together with the saddle which is rather soft and uncomfortable, the vibrations and bumps that are generally more pronounced due to the smaller wheels are much better cushioned, making the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 very comfortable.

The handlebar is also quite compact, and integrates, in addition to the horn button and the front LED headlight button, also an on-board computer (if we want to call it that) very essential and an accelerator which is hidden in the right knob: its operation is similar to that of a scooter, and allows full-electric acceleration with one rotation.

Engine and brakes

La BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 is pushed by a 300w brushless motor which, also thanks to 36v and 7.8 AH battery would allow it to reach a maximum speed of 30 KM / h (which are limited to 25), with a maximum supported weight of 150 Kg and a good management of the slopes up to 15%. The two disk brakes, front and rear, are of good quality and allow safe and effective braking, and there is no gearbox.

As I have already mentioned then, there is also an accelerator which, it is always good to remember, in Italy it cannot be used but which - and we must admit - solves some problems. First of all, given the lack of gearbox it is very comfortable if you were to start uphill, it also buffers a little the absence of the torque sensor and the fact that the electric motor starts to assist pedaling only after a few turns of the pedals: and it's a godsend, especially considering the 16,65 kg weight of the bicycle.

It is not even present a selector with which to change the speed of the pedal assist: there are three modes of use, ie with the engine off, pedal assist, or full-electric.

The road test

In any case, once you have become familiar with the 12 ”wheels and the absence of the gearbox, drive the city there BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 it is a pleasure, as long as you avoid the largest holes because, in that case, the bumps would be felt very much above all from the front. And it is beforehand that you will notice, albeit in a reduced way, the vibrations on cobbled road surfaces, on which however the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 proceeds smoothly.

Of course, given the small size of the wheels, I would have liked those of BAICYCLE had thought of integrating a shock absorber even at the front, even if in fact it would have been a choice that would have clashed a little with the two cornerstones of the Smart 2.0: compactness and economical price.

In short, all in all the driving experience with the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 it is pleasant in every respect, the positioning and height of the barrel also make it easy to get on and off the saddle, and its compact size makes it even easier for the city.

The reality of the facts, however, is that despite being a decidedly essential model without too many frills that, let's remember, does not even allow you to choose the "power" of the motor assistance in pedal assist, the only real lack that is made more hear is that of the on-board computer that is not there: try to remember the Fiido D2 and the way it showed the remaining battery life, here is the same solution was integrated into the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 with which it is therefore possible to check only the state of the battery, but not to have information about the current speed and the kilometers traveled.

Battery life

The battery of the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 it has 36V and 7.8 Ah and guarantees about 50 km of autonomy with a single charge, but in pedal assist mode and in optimal conditions. Clearly, however, things change a lot for everyday life and in my tests I managed to achieve about 40 Km in pedal assist mode e poco less than 25 Km in full-electric mode. And, considering the weight of the bicycle, the fact that the battery pack is practically invisible and - above all - that Avellino is full of ups and downs, I must admit that all in all the result is not among the worst in the category.

But the recharge is very slow: to get from 0 to 100% it will take about 7 hours using the power supply that comes out of the package and the non-removable battery limits its comfort a little. The charging connector, however, is very well hidden in the rear area of ​​the horizontal tubular, it is convenient to use and not at all invasive.

Price and considerations

The official price of the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 is 550 euros, but through the coupon you find below you can buy it at a discount with a figure very close to 400 euros: my advice is to always keep an eye on it, because we will insert daily updated discounts. And in any case, it is a price that is in line with what this electric bicycle offers.

Of course, it is not among the most advanced on the market, it has small wheels and there is a lack of an on-board computer, but it is very comfortable to drive, not cluttered and the presence of the rear shock absorber buffers the choice (clearly due to the need to produce a compact e-bike) to opt for a smaller than average tire diameter. The autonomy is then good and is in line with what the company has declared: in short, for all the people who move daily in the city, the BAICYCLE Smart 2.0 it would be a real cure-all.

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