Alfawise X8 review: all too particular style, but great audio

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Among the many, often anonymous, solutions of the TWS earphones market, we often look for the novelty or in any case something that is particular. Sometimes we find something elegance, other times we find something actually eccentric, as in the case of TWS Alfawise X8 earphones, which we tried for this review. Let's find out together.

Alfawise X8 Review | TWS earphones

Package Contents

alfawise x8 tws 3-1 earphones review

By opening the package of the Alfawise X8 in review, you will immediately understand why they are so special. Inside, in fact, in addition to the rubber pads for the ear cups and the manuals, we find nothing but a sort of silicone "padlock" which turns out to be the charging houses modulate and the same TWS earphones.

Design and materials

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At first glance, even for the color they gave us for this test, we are quite surprised to try to understand how these earphones are made. But to understand this, you have to start from their custody. As we said it is modular, this means that it is composed of several removable and combinable components.

The most generous part is substantially the battery housing, in whose central housing are the connectors that activate the recharge. On the sides, at the bottom, we find the housing of the earphones and above, to hook this sort of padlock there is precisely the charging cable, Unfortunately micro-USB. In short, all in one.

Moving on to take a closer look at the earphones, the Alfawise X8 they are excessively long and in the pink color they look funny as an extension of the earlobes. Everything, however, is made pleasant by the excellent silicone in which it is made.

Smart functions

Here the relative merits begin Alfawise X8. The smart functions, encased in the touch controls, are precise and work quite well, both for the music modes, for the callers and even with the voice assistant. As for the pairing instead, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 it is quick and stable, although they have to connect by removing them from the charging case. Poco bad, all in all everything works as it should. Another gem of the pairing is being able to use the earphones in a totally independent way, even with two different devices.

Audio Quality - Alfawise X8 Review

The audio quality of the Alfawise X8 it makes us forgive all the "oddities" of design. These headphones feel really good, the sound is clear and listening to music is a pleasure. For what they cost, they do a really good job, thanks also to the presence of the AAC codec.

Basically we are there for the audio on call. It is not excellent, it could have been better, but all in all they are low cost earphones, so we could not expect who knows what and so that's okay.


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Another strong point of the TWS Alfawise X8 earphones of this review. Autonomy is very good and reflects what the brand claims. In fact, 4 hours of consecutive listening are guaranteed and above all 16 hours of total autonomy with the charging case.

It is not as large as other models, but in the end they last a long time, given the module from 50 mAh earphones and i 560 mAh of the two modules of the case.

Alfawise X8 Review - Price and Conclusions

We must make a premise: in the coloring that happened to us, but more generally, they are not the best of design. But if we look at how much they cost, how they sound and how they behave on the smart side, then the approx 25-30 € to which you can buy on GearBest then they are just fine. And here it brings us to the conclusions. If you are looking for some sort of "novelty" not to be taken too seriously, then buy these Alfawise X8. If you are looking for a low cost product but with a more "sober" style then they are certainly not the best products for you, unless you buy them in green color, in which case it can also be.

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review-alfawise-x8-tws-modular-earphones Among the many, often anonymous, solutions of the TWS earphones market, we often look for the novelty or in any case something that is particular. Sometimes we find something elegant, other times we find something actually eccentric, as in the case of the Alfawise X8 TWS earphones, which ...