This Xiaomi gadget helps in maintaining correct posture

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The accessories of the crowdfunding platform of the Chinese house now range in all fields, come on small accessories for the kitchen… To tools for camping and survival! Obviously there is no shortage of solutions designed to improve the health of users, as in the case of the practical one detector of smart posture di Xiaomi YouPin, an attractive price device that allows you to keep your back under control.

Xiaomi YouPin presents the smart posture detector: a valid help for everyone!

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How does this device work? As we can already understand from the design, the accessory must be worn between the neck and the shoulders, as if it were a collar and once applied it will simply have to be left to work. What brings us, in summary? The smart posture detector by Xiaomi YouPin - branded Hipee - allows you to remind us to keep one correct posture through a vibration. When the device detects an inadequate posture, here it will begin to vibrate to attract attention.

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The device works through Bluetooth and it is possible to connect it to the smartphone to set various parameters, so as not to lose useful information during work or training sessions so as to always remain healthy also as regards posture.

Find the smart detector for the stance Xiaomi YouPin on AliExpress on flash offer. Below you will find the link to the purchase: if you don't see the box correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

Xiaomi YouPin smart posture detector | AliExpress
21.9 €

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