The Xiaomi HOTO smart kitchen scale arrives with impeccable style

xiaomi youpin smart digital kitchen scale

Not only Mi Band 6 e electric cars for Lei Jun's company, but above all many, many accessories and intelligent products from her crowdfunding platform. Today it's up to HOTO, brands we know well, with a particular kitchen scale digital with functions smart and an impeccable style, launched on Xiaomi YouPin at a super price.

Xiaomi presents the new HOTO smart digital kitchen scale | Features and price

xiaomi youpin smart digital kitchen scale

Like any other accessory on the Xiaomi platform, also in this case it is a quality product, made with a minimal and elegant design. The HOTO smart digital kitchen scale from Xiaomi YouPin measure 181,8 x 168 x 26,8 mm for a pear of 342 grams, is powered by 3 AAA batteries and offers an autonomy of up to one year. As can also be seen from the images there is a wheel along the body: through this it is possible to change the unit of measurement by choosing between grams, lb, oz or ml.

The device offers a high degree of accuracy: it is capable of recording weight differences up to 0,1 gr and its measurement level ranges from 0,1 grams to 3.000 grams (3 Kg).

Obviously, in the perfect style of the Chinese brand, it is a product smart and can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. By interfacing with the Mi Home app, it is able to record weight and other measurements, as well as calculate the calories. Furthermore, again through the app it is possible to view various preset recipes.

As regards the price of HOTO's smart digital kitchen scale, it is a product perfectly aligned with the standards of Xiaomi YouPin, proposed for only € 12.7 per change (i.e. 99 yuan).

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