Xiaomi: DxOMark is not enough, it wants to be the leader in smartphone cameras

xiaomi smartphone camera market 2

Xiaomi has started a process that will lead to the improvement of mobile imaging over the years. For this, the primacy obtained on DxOMark da My 11 Ultra is the forerunner for Xiaomi to try to become a leader for the smartphone camera.

Xiaomi: here are the elements for the best smartphone camera

xiaomi smartphone camera market

Talking about the objectives of Xiaomi was the President of the mobile telephony division, Adam Zeng, who explained that the goal to reach is to become a leader in the smartphone imaging sector, increasing possibilities where until a few years ago it was unthinkable. But what are the elements to have the best possible camera?

Not only being able to have a video recording or shots almost at a professional level, but also profoundly improve theuser experience. The Room me, For Zeng and the company, must be the reference point for imaging. For this, Xiaomi he opened well 10 centers research and development and is employing a team of over 1.000 engineers only to achieve this, but also to continue to develop image processors (ISP) like new C1 appears.

And this first phase of the smartphone camera market climb is represented by the first place recorded by the camera My 11 Ultra su DxOMark, which always matters relatively, but which Xiaomi has taken as a starting point to develop a multimedia system that is completely aimed at the user experience.

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