With Xiaomi and Nextool the sling becomes a lethal weapon

xiaomi nextool survival sling

When it comes to Nextool, savvy users certainly know what kind of brand they are talking about. Xiaomi's partner company, active on YouPin, specializes in tools for defense and survival (another way of saying camping) like the recent multifunction shovel, L 'top ax it's one very useful tool against criminals. At this turn Xiaomi e NextOne present on the crowdfunding platform a survival sling that hides a weapon inside.

The Xiaomi Nextool survival sling hides a "secret" | Features and price

xiaomi nextool survival sling

In reality, if we want to be precise, a "simple" slingshot is already able to act as a weapon: it is in fact tools to be used conscientiously, in order to avoid accidents. As for the survival sling NextOne, launched on Xiaomi YouPin, there is a practical button that unlocks the device and makes it immediately ready for use; on the opposite side we find a removable knife. Everything is enclosed in a practice custody where the product, the elastic and the pellets find space, in order to have all the accessories at hand.

In short, once again Nextool has created a simple and effective device, perfect for camping and other activities in nature. For what concern price, survival sling is offered at a discount on Xiaomi YouPin a about 13 € at the exchange rate (99 yuan); after the promotional period the figure will rise to € 18, or 140 yuan.

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