The new Xiaomi logo has already become a meme

xiaomi new logo

It has already been some time since the mega-event Xiaomi for the presentation of My MIX Fold, We 11 Pro, My 11 Ultra, Mi 11i, Mi 11 Lite e Mi Band 6. A mammoth launch that also saw the launch of new ones notebook, router e projector. To symbolize the importance of the event, another “great” change was shown to the general public on the stage of the presentation. I refer to the new logo, announced with great fanfare to celebrate also the 10 years in business of Xiaomi, a decade after August 2011 in which the historical Mi 1 arrived. But obviously the importance reserved for this announcement did not resonate with the community, immediately ready to mock this choice.

This change represents the new visual identity that Xiaomi wanted to embody, indicated as "more dynamic"Compared to the past and marked by the name"Alive". The new logo was designed by Kenya Hara, a Japanese graphic designer known for the artistic direction of the brand Muji. Graphically speaking, the new symbol is relatively similar to the previous one, except for the adoption of a more rounded and soft outline, defined "squircle". Kenya explained that he worked on the optimal fusion between a square and a circle, studying mathematical equations to obtain the best effect. The result is a perfect balance between the two forms, echoing the same curvatures of the MI typefaces contained within it.

The new Xiaomi logo is targeted by the jokes of the community

In the eyes of the public it was not a radical change, but it is also normal as a more drastic switch could have proved too much. What is the problem then? It all stems from the news about the alleged cost of this redesign: 2 million yuan, equal to well 257.237 €. Not to mention that you always explained that Kenya Hara worked on the new logo design since 2017, speaking of the final result: "finally a design that moved us".

As you can understand, it didn't take long before the always sardonic users of the net scoffed at this news. Browsing through the reactions aroused on the Asian social network Weibo, you can read comments such as "I think Xiaomi has been scammed"," They should contact the police "or the usual"My carpenter with 30.000 lire did it better". During the presentation, Lei Jun anticipated possible criticisms: "Are you disappointed with this logo, just a little rounder than the original? We have not only changed the shape from square to round, but also the internal spirit and mentality of the brand".

But there are also those who went further in making fun of the new Xiaomi logo, creating a real speedrun of its creation. Starting with the original one, it takes only 24 seconds to recreate the new identity image of the company. Obviously everything has a clearly ironic tone, given that tracing something that already exists is much easier than having to conceive it from 0 (or almost). Finally, there is also a certain similarity with the shape of the icons of Samsung's One UI.

xiaomi new logo

With this irony, we certainly do not aim to discredit the work of Xiaomi, which we remember being one of the most appreciated brands by us and our community. Let's take it more as a dig at the classic bombasticity and prolixity that companies like Xiaomi, but also Samsung, Huawei, OPPO and various companies use for their communication strategies. At the same time, some may wonder if € 250.000 is not a high figure for such a seemingly simple change. As well as the fact that it took years. But some might argue that time and money are being paid off precisely by the attention aroused.

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