Inverted colors on Xiaomi's MIUI 12: how to adjust the Dark mode

xiaomi miui 12 dark mode bug

Introduced a few years ago, the Dark mode is one of the essential elements of the MIUI 12 di Xiaomi. Since AMOLED-screen smartphones are becoming more and more popular, its benefits are evident. First of all, the less fatigue of the eyes, going less to the detriment of melatonin and the ease of falling asleep. Furthermore, having a predominantly black UI instead of white means taking advantage of the dead pixels of the OLED technology and therefore lower energy consumption. However, using the dark theme can lead to some glitches in the overall experience.

Does Dark mode invert the colors on Xiaomi's MIUI 12? Here's how to fix it

For example, in the past we have told you how to prevent Dark mode from causing dark screenshots and therefore visually worse. But on the net there are also those who report an incompatibility of the MIUI 12 mode with some apps: the result is inverted colors which make whites black and vice versa. A malus that occurs especially with those apps that are used to read manga and comics, but with all similar apps.

Fortunately it is not an unsolvable bug and taking advantage of one of the options that MIUI 12 makes available in the Settings menu. To avoid this unexpected visual effect, here's what to do:

  • Go to "Settings / Display / Other options for dark mode"
  • In the menu "Individual apps”Disable the app affected by the problem

This way, you can prevent Dark mode from being applied to the app you display in inverted colors. A useful option also for those apps that in themselves already have a native mode of this kind and which may therefore not be fully compatible. In case the problem persists, try to disable the item "Automatically adjust text and backgrounds".