How many steps have the Mi Bands counted in 7 years? Xiaomi tells us

xiaomi mi band how many steps counted

One of the best-selling and coveted products by the vast majority of users accustomed to Chinese technology, Xiaomi Mi Band has made headlines over the years and monopolizes the market with each new model. But how many steps have touch all Xiaomi Mi Band come out in these 7 years? The company itself explains it to us.

Xiaomi Mi Band: in 7 years they have counted billions and billions of steps!

According to a report by Huami, who every year collaborates with Xiaomi to produce the new smartband model, from when the first model arrived in 2014 until the Mi Band 5 exit in 2020 billions and billions of passivated, waiting for those that will count the new version 6. Specifically, they have been monitored well 144.926.974.194.298, which does nothing but fuel the sales success of an accessory that is as small as it is useful and appreciated.

However, we do not know if the data is based only on Xiaomi Mi Band Global or the data of those designed for China is integrated, but already in this way we are talking about a number that is difficult even to imagine. In short, it is also difficult to pronounce the correct number.

What is certain is that Mi Band is now a milestone in technology and the Mi Band 6 will not be outdone, which could lead this number to truly unimaginable figures, considering how much it will sell throughout the 2021? Time will tell. In any case, if you want to buy it and contribute to the steps, find the right links in this article.

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