Xiaomi launches a special package with all Mi Bands

xiaomi mi band 6 special pack limited edition price

As we know, there is no more iconic smartband on the market than Xiaomi's. In 7 years, the 6 models presented have each brought an important novelty and Xiaomi has decided to include all We Band, including the version 6, in a special packaging in limited edition dedicated to longtime fans.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: this is how the limited edition packaging is made

xiaomi mi band 6 special limited edition package price 2

According to what the official Xiaomi Smart Life profile tells, the special limited edition box, square in shape, contains all the We Band exit from 2014 al 2021. So the lucky ones will find 7 years of history linked to the most loved smartband in the world that every year makes use of an improvement.

In fact, as they explain, we start from the first We Band which was the first to cost much less than rivals on the market and thus popularizing the type of product. There Mi Band 2 instead introduced a OLED display, thus providing a new way of interaction. There Mi Band 3 who added the multi-function NFC (unreleased by us). Mi Band 4, one of the most loved of all, has brought support for the voice assistant XiaoAI and made the bracelet a component of the IoT ecosystem. Mi Band 5 got a bigger screen and new health modes. Finally, Mi Band 6 has finally brought a full screen display, reaching maturity, as we see in the review.

But how much does this Made in Xiaomi memorabilia cost? The special limited edition packaging of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is available in China at a price of approx €128 (we are talking about 1.000 yuan), which considering the sense of collecting it brings, are more than justified. And you, would you like this special edition? Let us know in the comments.

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