Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra: Ben Geskin imagines it in an imaginative render

xiaomi mi 12 ultra render design electrochromy display
Credits: Ben Gesking

Less than two weeks after the release of the new Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, someone has already thought about how its successor could be. Although very prematurely, Ben Geskin made his own render of Xiaomi mi 12 ultra, which does not vary much in form but takes on really interesting characteristics.

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra: camera under the display and 4 rear sensors in the first render

If we look at the design that Ben Geskin he imagined for the next “Ultra” model from Xiaomi, it does not change much from the current model, but rather focuses on some particular characteristics. It starts from the front, with a always curved but equipped with camera underlying, therefore a technology that the designer imagines ready for this model. The bezels are almost minimal, just to create a contour profile, but such a large panel would really be a great thing.

xiaomi mi 12 ultra render design electrochromy display 2
Credits: Ben Geskin

Moving on to the back, the super bumper of the My 11 Ultra, but it varies in configuration. In fact, the camera sensors become four and Geskin imagines them in this equipment: Samsung main sensor GN3 da 50 MP 1 ″, ultra-wide angle from 50 MP (OnePlus 9 Pro style), 3x portrait zoom and 10x optical zoom. In short, there is a desire to have no renunciation in a sector that already this year seems to stand out. And the second display? That too would undergo some changes, becoming wider than the 1.1 ″ diagonal, going up to 1.5", therefore assuming an embedded Mi Band 6, as happened for the version 5 of the Xiaomi smartband.

Obviously, all these images and information must be taken as an exercise in style and none of this can be taken as true, as the Latvian designer and leaker himself claims to have "imagined" it and not created it based on rumors that came out, also because it would really be too soon. Bonus of the tweet is a version of the same My 12 Ultra with technology electrochromics, which allows the sensors to disappear (resembling a character from Among Us).

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