Other than smartband: vivo thinks of a smart ring to monitor weight

vivo smart ring

Although we are always full of enthusiasm when a new smartband arrives - someone said Xiaomi Mi Band 6? - the future holds even lighter and more compact wearables, which certainly also meet those users who just don't like smartwatches and the like. Among the upcoming novelties there may also be a smart ring weblog live, as emerges from a patent filed at home by the company.

vivo could launch a smart ring to control weight

vivo smart ring

The document was presented with the publication number CN112595402A and refers to a wearable device. But it's not about one SmartWatch nor of a possible smartband (of which we have spoken here, it seems thanks to patents): in the future of live there might also be a smart ring. The accessory comes with a function that makes it very interesting, namely the ability to track your weight in real time. This happens thanks to the combination of sensors and a special dedicated algorithm: the smart ring is able to perceive the weight variation in a constant way and could represent a valid help.

The patent does not enter into the merits of the other functions but it is likely that the device is obviously able to monitor other parameters as well (such as theheart activity); it could also be a useful accessory for fitness andtraining. As usual in these cases, the vivo patent on this smart ring does not necessarily become a reality. However, it is clear that the Chinese company is not willing to give up and will continue to focus on the wearables market.

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