Find Power 11 review: the PERFECT choice for less than 150 euros

Probably few will know Find it Now. But the company, born under the protective wing of Xiaomi, has long been producing the most varied types of smart and home devices. Hairdryer, accessories smart for cats and much more, they are just the tip of the iceberg of this brand which, among other things, is well known and highly appreciated especially by Asian users for the excellent quality / price balance of its products.

But Find does not only produce excellent accessories: it is one of the emerging companies to keep an eye on even in the West, especially for its cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners which, in Find Power 11, confirm the high quality of the brand against a rather low selling price. It has excellent suction power, with an autonomy that can even reach 60 minutes of use.

Find Power 11 review

Package Contents

As in the other models of the company, the packaging of the Find Power 11 it is very accurate and is made using color images. Also in the new cyclone vacuum cleaner of the brand are included several accessories, with which you can use the vacuum cleaner on different occasions.

Inside the package there are the following accessories:

  • Cyclonic vacuum cleaner.
  • Spout brush up.
  • Motorized brush.
  • Anti-mite brush.
  • Charging base.
  • Power supply.
  • Extension tube.
  • Manuals.

Design and materials

Given its somewhat retro style, the Find Power 11 it may recall some of the vacuum cleaners produced by Tineco. The lines that characterize the vacuum cleaner are minimalist and very clean, and the whole structure is protected by a solid body made of white ABS. Very pleasant, then, are the red inserts, present both inside the central unit and in the brush and on the extension tube.

Posteriorly there is a LED display on which you can check the status of the battery and the active suction mode: it is very generous in size and is accompanied by the suction mode modification button and the "Hold" function button, with which you can use the vacuum cleaner without holding the trigger.

The materials with which the vacuum cleaner is produced are of good quality, both as regards the central body and as regards all the accessories: practically everything is very resistant to scratches and bumps, and it is a very important one for this particular type of product.

The handle is the typical pistol grip, the ergonomics are good and the rather low weight (we are talking about about 1.5 kg) together with the excellent balance, make cleaning very smooth even in areas that are difficult to reach. And even if there is only one battery in the package, it is a module easily removable, which will simplify a possible replacement should it deteriorate over the years.

Either way, virtually any component of the Find Power 11 it is easily removable and can be washed under running water, including the HEPA filter and the dirt container (which with a capacity of 0,4 liters is slightly smaller than average), but be very careful: it is very important to make sure that everything you wash is dry, to prevent water from entering the vacuum cleaner and compromising its functionality.

Technical features - Find Power 11

  • Motor: brushless, 400W and 20000 Pa.
  • Battery: 2500 mAh removable lithium.
  • Autonomy: Up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.
  • utilization: Wireless - Cordless, removable extension.
  • Dust container capacity: 0.40 liters.
  • Filtration system: 3-stage, completely sealed
  • Operating mode: continuous, power adjustable.

Suction power and easy handling

To animate the Find Power 11 there is a 400w brushless motor capable of guaranteeing a cyclonic suction power of 20000 Pa. It is an excellent quality motor, which is part of the new AERO 4.0 generation, with which those of Find have managed to reduce its diameter (which reaches 50mm), optimizing the suction start times (0,4 seconds) and the calibration precision of the dynamic scale. In short, in terms of power the Find Power 11 if it plays very well with the competition, and it is important to underline that the new AERO 4.0 engine is also able to contain the noise, which is clearly lower than the average of the products on the market with the same suction power.

And thanks to the new engine, the Find Power 11 it is able to clean even the areas where there is the most consistent dirt without any problem, using the three typical suction modes. Given the excellent quality of the engine, among other things, I would always recommend its use in medium power mode, so you get a good balance in terms of power and battery life. The more powerful mode will only be needed when the dirt is more ingrained, although in this case the battery life will decrease by a lot.

Excellent too maneuverability, which is also facilitated by the 10w motor that animates the largest motorized brush, which will be able to capture even the finest dust and pet hair: it is excellent for those with four-legged friends, but also for cleaning carpets and parquet, and in my tests with the coffee, flour and brown sugar I got excellent results, also thanks to the very high torque of the brush.

The procedure of emptying the dirt container, which can be totally disconnected from the main unit, to then be emptied in perfect comfort and avoiding getting your hands dirty: if it had been 0.6L instead of 0.4L, it would have been perfect.

Battery life

According to the company, the Find Power 11 it should be able to guarantee battery autonomy about 60 minutes of use with a single charge. And yes, this is true, but only if you use the wireless vacuum cleaner without the motorized brush and at minimum suction power. A scenario that, in a nutshell, will rarely happen.

The reality of the facts is very different: using the Find Power 11 at maximum suction power and with the motorized brush, I managed to get to 9 minutes of continuous use, which they have become about 40 setting the minimum suction power. And don't get me wrong, this is an average result on the market because, you know, the real Achilles heel of these products is precisely that relating to the consumption of the motors used, and the need to use a compact and light battery pack, to avoid making it become too bulky e poco handy vacuum cleaner.

Price and conclusions

The official selling price of the Find Power 11 is 174,99 euros, but through our coupon (found below) you can even take it home to 141,09 €. And you will agree with me that it is a ottimo prodotto, sold at an exceptional price.

The AERO 4.0 engine makes the difference, and its 20000 Pa of suction power make it suitable for multiple uses. Of course, perhaps aesthetically it is not among the most beautiful in circulation and the dirt container is slightly underpowered, but those of Find have really thought of everything to make it as comfortable as possible: just think that the removable battery can be recharged. in total autonomy, without necessarily having to be connected to the electric broom.

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Find Power 11

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