Telegram is updated with many news for payments and chat

telegram 7.7 update of news for scheduled voice chat payments web versions

Dopo un March 2021 in which Telegram stood as a “Clubhouse” for Android with its functions for Voice Chat, this month seems to have brought further interesting news. In fact, for theupdating a Telegram 7.7 we get an improvement in ai support payments (Payments 2.0), as well as many new features for Voice Chat programmed, which we explain to you how they work and new web versions for desktop or mobile.

Telegram 7.7: the update introduces Payments 2.0, scheduled Voice Chats and Web versions

Payments 2.0

telegram 7.7 update of news for scheduled voice chat payments web versions 2

The first important change concerns the aforementioned payment system, renamed Payments 2.0, which improves the one introduced in 2017, through bots that allow you to pay for goods and services in a completely safe way without leaving the app. From today, with Telegram 7.7 merchants can natively accept payments with credit card in any chat, relying on 8 integrated third-party payment providers, Such as Stripe. Also, buyers can add a tip every time they make a purchase in order to support artists, shops or bellhops. This function is valid for all possible Telegram apps.

How scheduled Voice Chats work

telegram 7.7 update of news for scheduled voice chat payments web versions 3

Another important novelty is the one that allows you to create scheduled voice chats, but how do they work? They can set a specific time and date, instead of creating one at the moment. This method is important in the case of a Clubhouse-style activity introduced in the previous version. And in case you need a dedicated reminder, Telegram 7.7 now allows you to view a countdown or receive a notification when the voice chat is about to start. And also for voice chats there is now the possibility to create gods mini profiles with profile pictures and bio in order to have a concrete idea of ​​the person you are talking to.

Web Desktop and Mobile versions

telegram 7.7 update of news for scheduled voice chat payments web versions 4

Finally, Telegram 7.7 has introduced new Web versions of the application, both mobile and desktop. But what is it about? Launched in 2014, the Web version now doubles and becomes more efficient and above all very light, weighing only 400 KB and above all they do not require installation. There are two versions, Web K e WebZ and they are both usable, as written above, in mobile or desktop version. As always, remember that they are independent applications, so they do not need a smartphone connected nearby.

Other news | Telegram 7.7

In addition to these juicy new features, we have some minor improvements that can bring useful tools to those who use Telegram. In fact, the pinch-to-zoom to zoom in on photos by simply pinching them. In addition, the video player, with the ability to move the movie forward or backward by 15 seconds. On Android it must be activated by pressing and holding the right or left side. Also for Android, new side chat animations have been added.

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