Shunzao L1 review: simplicity is its strong point

Shunzao L1
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The panorama of electric vacuum cleaners is becoming more and more interesting, as more and more players are added with new products for all budgets. For this reason today we will analyze the new Shunzao L1, a vacuum cleaner known for its constructive goodness and good performance at a price that we can define as contained by today's standards.

How did he behave during our tests? Will he be able to surprise us? Let's find out together in our complete review.

Shunzao L1 review

Unboxing - Shunzao L1

The sales package is made of white hardcover and presents the photo of the product. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Shunzao L1 (body);
  • rigid tube;
  • mini motorized brush;
  • large soft motorized brush;
  • crevice nozzle;
  • wide nozzle;
  • wall support;
  • wall power supply with Chinese socket.
Shunzao L1

Compared to many competitors, the content is not very rich, let's say that it is essential for basic use.

Design and construction

Il design of this vacuum cleaner is essential, linear e clean. In fact, it does not have too extravagant lines or excessively bright colors. Personally I find it minimal and modern thanks to a red and gray color and cylindrical shapes.

La Shunzao L1 It is made of plastic e aluminum well made, in fact even after 3 weeks of use I have not found any signs of wear and it seems to resist bumps and scratches well. The body is presented as a mono-block solution to which the brushes and the extender tube can be quickly attached.

In fact, just the easy to use is one of the strengths of the electric broom as everything can be quickly detached and attached, the handle with pistol grip is very comfortable and we have three buttons buttons: one to start the suction, one to set the Max mode and one to stop the suction without having to hold down the first button.

I really liked this feature because it all happens with one click, without having to lock the key in any way. In this way we will be able to use the vacuum cleaner with one hand since the weight is not excessive and that the rotating brush will help us in the movements during cleaning. In addition, we also find the a LED which indicates the state of charge.

Shunzao L1

However, the dimensions are 306 x 93 x 194 millimeters for a weight of approx 1.15 kg (body only).

Il dust container has a capacity of 0.4 liters, it is not very large and can be emptied from below by pressing a button. However, I would like to point out that, in addition to filling up fairly quickly, if full you will have to empty it with your hands by extracting the central part.

Shunzao L1
Sample taken with the powder inside to show you how compact it is and therefore difficult to remove without the help of your hands or a special tool.

The wall mount, on the other hand, I liked a lot because it is small, poco bulky and functional. This has a magnetic surface that will keep the broom upright, as well as having a part of it that hooks to the body. A really nice solution.

Technical specifications - Shunzao L1

  • Input voltage: 21.6V;
  • Rated power: 250W;
  • Suction power: 105 AW;
  • Dust container capacity: 0.4 L;
  • Charging time: 4.5 hours;
  • Voltage: 100-240V.


As mentioned above, use the Shunzao L1 it is really very simple, as it is characterized by two modes  standard and Max.

The former may be enough for one light dirt, but I've always preferred to use the mode Max, whose suction power goes up to 20.000 Pa. It is not the most powerful engine on the market as many go a little further, but for a daily cleaning I found it adequate.

In fact, it always manages to pick up even the most difficult dirt such as the finest powders, coffee, crumbs and the coarsest dirt. As I said, sometimes it needs a few more passes, but for a small / medium-sized house in my opinion it can be fine.

In the package there are also other brushes useful for cleaning other surfaces such as carpets, mattresses, sofas, soft toys, car interiors, curtains and much more. I found them useful and functional even if I would have preferred some more accessories.

For the rest the electric vacuum cleaner it is not overly noisy not even during the Max mode, while as regards the dust container this is not very large, but it can be completely disassembled and washed.

Last detail, I am a fan of the LED lights on the main motorized brushes, I have not found it here and I regret it a little since other competitors in the same price range offer this gem (but they sin on more).


Under the body of the Shunzao L1 we find one battery (or rather, a 6-battery battery) from 2500 mAh, which allows us to have sufficient autonomy and in line with that of other electric scopes in the same segment.

Shunzao L1

In fact, using the standard mode you will be able to get to 50 minutes about, while with the Max mode we will get around the 10 minutes. As for the recharge, however, this will take about 4 hours to go from 0 to 100%.

Conclusions - Shunzao L1

As you will have understood the Shunzao L1 it does not want to be the most powerful on the market, but focuses heavily on easy to use, on a good construction, good materials and a nice design, all at a relatively low price.

Indeed, this vacuum cleaner is available on Banggood a 131.60 € with our discount code "BGgizdealSL1“, A more than honest figure for what the product offers. I would like to recommend it for those who have a small to medium-sized house who wants to use it on a daily basis.

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