Samsung Galaxy A52 Review: The Best-Buy You Don't Expect!

For years now the brand Samsung is synonymous with quality and guarantee; for newbies or inexperienced people, relying on a brand like Samsung in the smartphone sector (and not) is practically the practice, and it is certainly not wrong. The smartphones of the Galaxy A series, which are located in a market segment clearly different from those of the Galaxy S series, play a very important role for Samsung, above all because they hold a large part of the market share in the sales of the sector, exceeding sometimes even the top of the range.

Today we talk about Samsung Galaxy A52 in LTE version (because yes, there is also the 5G version), the mid-range of the A family, preceded by the A32 and followed by the larger A72. I don't want to sum up in advance, but this smartphone ... ok, I'm not going to tell you right away!

SAMSUNG Galaxy A52 review

Content of the package

La sales package it is very simple in white cardboard without too many finishes. Inside we find:

  • Samsung Galaxy A52
  • European battery charger with USB input from only 15W although the smartphone supports fast charging up to 25W
  • USB-A USB-C cable for charging and data transfer
  • Instruction manual and sim extraction pin

Design and Materials

Ok, little spoiler: I like it, it's very cool! I start right from the coloring Awesome Violet (editor's note awesome just to say "So Cool!") which is very beautiful, refined and suitable for a very young audience: at first glance I thought it could be more of a "feminine" color, but I'll tell you, over the days I liked it a lot and I appreciated it more.

159,9 x 75,1 x 8,4 mm and 189 grams are its measurements: it is a “SLIM” smartphone, pleasant to use and completely manageable even with one hand. I use an iPhone 12 Pro Max every day and with this Galaxy A52 I must say that I found myself from God, in terms of practicality of use and materials in which it is made.

Although it is completely made of polycarbonate both on the back (with matt finishes that are very pleasant to the touch) and on the side frame, the assembly is impeccable. In design, the 4G and 5G versions do not differ in any detail. They are both IP67 certified and available in the same colors: Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Violet and Awesom Blue.

The poster is present on the poster bump room to which Samsung has already accustomed us in the latest devices, while the fingerprint sensor it was positioned under the display, and I was not particularly convinced given the somewhat poor reactivity: perhaps it is better to rely on the face unlock, faster and more immediate but less secure, because only 2D.

Nice to note that the Samsung Galaxy A52 is equipped with the jack from 3.5 mm on the bottom, flanked by the microphone, one of the two speakers and the USB type C input for charging. The left side is clean, while the right side houses the volume rocker as well as the power and lock key.

On the upper part there is the second microphone and the SIM cart, which supports two Nano Sims or a SIM and a Micro SD.


As for the displays, I've been madly in love with the panels produced by Samsung on its smartphones for years, and this Galaxy A52 it was a further confirmation of this. We are obviously talking about a SUPER AMOLED with a 6.5 "diagonal, a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and therefore a 20 ratio: 9; Samsung claims a pixel density of 407ppi and a maximum brightness of 800 nits, which is a very high value and in everyday use it is evident. No supports HDR mode.

The panel is extremely bright, has colors calibrated to perfection (authentic to the sRGB calibration) and an excellent viewing angle; if that weren't enough Samsung has included a panel with a high refresh rate. In the 4G version, or this one we tested, we find a 90Hz display that does its job well. If this is not enough for you, in the 5G version the display has a refresh ratio of 120Hz: later I will tell you if the price differences justify these differences between the various versions.

However uniformity of movement, as he defines it Samsung in the device settings, it is set by default to “high” or 90Hz. I did not notice any particular differences in the autonomy of the device in the use of 90 or 60Hz.

In the settings of the Samsung GalaxyA A52then, it is possible to adjust different details of the display: it is possible, in fact, to choose between two presets (vivid and natural) the color tones of the panel or even, using an RGB selector, individually adjust the three channels. There is also a protective mode for the eyes with the reduction of blue lights.

Samsung Galaxy A52 also possesses a simil Always-On Display: I say similar in that the display turns on only when touched and does not always stay on actually. Sin.

Hardware and Performance

The technical data sheet with which the Galaxy A52 certainly not top of the class, but this poco it matters given its selling price. The sample we are testing is equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G (8nm) Octa-Core consisting of 2 × 2.3 GHz Kryo 465 Gold & 6 × 1.8 GHz Kryo 465 Silver and an Adreno 618 GPU, the RAM and from 6GB LPDDR4X and internal storage is equal to 128GB of UFS 2.1 type expandable by Micro SD.

The benchmark results are good but not the first in the standings, but I reiterate how the "Benchmark" tool is only an objective way to detect numbers but not a concrete way to measure performance which, in all honesty, is excellent on this Samsung Galaxy A52, and I think it will be enough for all those who tend to buy a mid-range. 

The daily performance is good: the smartphone does not heat up, it is well balanced, it does not suffer slowdowns of any kind and even in gaming it offers good performance with above average graphic details. The 5G version differs a little from this point of view which, on the other hand, is equipped with a Snapdragon 750 processor and an Adreno 619 GPU; however in use the differences are not visible and we would almost certainly notice them only by comparing the benchmarks. 

I liked the quality of the audio output from this Galaxy A52 which, I remind you, is equipped with a double stereo speaker and above all enjoys the Dolby Atmos optimizations that can be activated at the user's discretion in the settings menus. However, the audio quality is excellent, the equalization is perfect and the volume is average, personally I would have preferred it a little louder.

Good and stable connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band , the reception is excellent and the quality of the audio on call as well as of the two microphones is satisfactory.


The camera compartment of the Samsung Galaxy A52 was entrusted to four cameras. The main one is from  64 megapixels ƒ / 1.8, which is flanked by a wide angle from 12 megapixels ƒ / 2.2, a macro from 5 megapixels ƒ / 2.4 and one of depth 5 megapixels ƒ / 2.4.

Now, numbers and technical data aside, the camera is very good in my opinion: the 64MP main camera offers enviable shots even from other similar devices in price and category, the color quality is more than satisfactory and the color balance it is almost excellent. HDR is present and is automatically enabled by default, but if necessary it can be disabled manually.

The wide-angle camera thanks to the focal aperture ƒ / 2.2 and in the light that is able to pass, it offers shots that are also well balanced and of poco lower than the main room: a really good job.

The macro camera, unlike what is seen on other devices such as the Moto G30, it works well: focusing in this mode and with this lens, but also with all three others, is incredibly fast. The photos, logically, have a lower quality, but they are particular shots that you will probably never use "concretely".

The photos at night are mediocre, they exceed the sufficiency. Also present is the night mode which helps a little in image processing, but you will have to have a very steady and stable hand.

The selfie camera is also good 32 megapixels ƒ / 2.2 which, among other things, also allows you to record videos in 4K at 30fps like the rear cameras. Excellent OIS stabilization both in photos and in video.

The camera application is well made and full of features including food mode, professional mode, portrait mode and many others also in the video sector.


Standard software in full tradition Samsung; on this Galaxy A52 in fact we find the version of Android 11 with Samsung One UI 3.1 interface with security patches updated as of February 1, 2021.

The performance offered by the device is excellent. In everyday use there are no difficulties but, with similar hardware, it is almost obvious to be faced with good performance.

There are many, many customizations that Samsung offers in its UI, including Bixby, Samsung Pay and many others: deepening them one by one would be really long-winded. The graphic interface is very different from the classic Android Stock, but in my opinion Samsung's customizations have become much more "digestible" today than a few years ago (if you had a Samsung smartphone in 2014-2016 you will surely remember cumbersome interfaces and a lot poco optimized).

Good Samsung which for some years now has included the possibility, in the initial configuration phase, to decide which of the proprietary apps to install, at the discretion of the user and his needs.


Equipped with a 4500 mAh the Samsung Galaxy A52 manages to offer a good autonomy, sufficient for most users; while still using the device with the screen set to 90Hz autonomy sufficiently covers an entire day and, estimates in hand, may not cover the entire day only if highly stressed (more hours of GPS navigation, more streaming playback).

Setting the screen at 60Hz, instead, the story changes: the busy day is well overcome with still a good percentage of remaining battery. Guaranteed.

Price and Considerations

Ok in an immense ocean (as is the smartphone sector) it is probably easier to expect one today best buy from Xiaomi, Oppo and POCO rather by one like Samsung which, erroneously, is often recommended exclusively for the higher end of devices.

This Samsung Galaxy A52 is a complete smartphone: yes, complete because it has a nice display, a balanced camera and a good battery. I have not expressed myself particularly harshly in any sector regarding this A52, but I did not do it out of sympathy or otherwise, but because I really did not find aspects that deserved to be criticized negatively, especially in relation to its street price.

I'm talking about street price and not list prices because one of the "flaws" (for those who sell a used one, but not for those who buy a new one!) Of Samsung is its rapid devaluation: however, to date, the price of the LTE version is around 300 € on Amazon (against 379 € of its list price) while about 380 € the 5G version (against 459 of the list price).

Deciding whether to opt for the 5G variant or not, in light of the price differences, is a normal dilemma: in my opinion NO is an adequate answer as the differences in performance would be slight in common use and 5G, at the moment, is still a possibility reserved for a few Italian municipalities.

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