Electric bikes in all sauces with Samebike and Himo

samebike himo lo26-ft 20lvxd30 c20 best electric bikes

Mobility has certainly become more fun and healthier thanks to scooters and electric bikes. The latter certainly guarantee a increased physical exercise, but what are the electric bikes al Best price? The models give us an idea Samebike e Himo, which are placed in various ranges of need.

Samebike and Himo: which electric bike to choose?

samebike himo lo26-ft 20lvxd30 c20 best electric bikes 2

To understand which is the best electric bike for our needs, let's start with the Samebike models. Above all, with the Samebike LO26 e LO26-FT, which are characterized by very wide wheels from 26 ", but which stand out for having an engine from 350W the first and an engine from 500W the second (the FT model). For the rest, they also make use of a fairly large battery and being foldable.

What if we want to spend less? One of the best electric bikes for less than 700 € it can definitely be there Samebike 20LVXD30, equipped with 20 ", an engine from 350W and a very large battery from 10.4 Ah, as well as being foldable too. Maximum yield, lower price.

Finally, if we want a more ergonomic model, but with greater autonomy and therefore better energy savings, we can rely on a Himo C20. An engine from 250W, a battery from 10 Ah, manages to guarantee itself up to 80 km of autonomy, which makes it really handsome and interesting.

But where can we buy one of these electric bikes? One of the best solutions is definitely the store Geeklifetime, which offers a comfortable shipping from Europe, therefore very quickly. Find all the offers on the aforementioned bikes in the Boxes with discount code below.

Samebike LO26 | Geeklifetime
744.64 €
Samebike LO26-FT 500W | Geeklifetime
744.64 €
Samebike 20LVXD30 | Geeklifetime
626.19 €
Himo C20 | Geeklifetime

Shipped from Europe

More Less
779.33 €

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