OPPO Enco X review: EXCEPTIONAL quality under € 200!

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When we choose a Bluetooth headset, subject to budget impositions, we are always in the middle between wanting to save or guaranteeing the best. The middle ground can help, sure, but sometimes investing in a high-end product can give the user a better experience for a long time than having to change them year after year. And that's what you have to think about when looking at OPPO Enco X, which are the TWS earphones ANC protagonists of ours review, but why have they convinced us so much?

OPPO Enco X Review | TWS ANC earphones

Package Contents

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If we look at the contents of the package of OPPO TWS earphones, in itself is not that rich, since we find the custody, Enco x area of review, A cable USB Type-C for recharging and rubbers of various sizes, but the features of the box are of an important elegance: the package cover is already beautiful, but the package itself is really beautiful, with the Holographic X to camp on a black background, made of very good materials.

Design and materials

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The design is perhaps the thing that in our opinion does not add anything innovative, although they are far from ugly to look at. Very fine there iridescent texture on the silver details and even the ear grille has a premium feel. Premium like i materials used for these OPPO, since we are talking about an excellent quality polycarbonate. This is reflected in the wearing, also considering that they are very light and compact: they barely weigh 4.8 grams for earphone.

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Interesting gem is the frame with metallic references where the logo resides OPPO and above all the housing for charging the Enco x. For lovers of detail, the logo Dynaudio it is an aesthetic chocolate. PS for the most attentive and experienced fans yes, the case is inspired by the MP3 player that OPPO almost launched 15 years ago.

Smart functions

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First point in favor, very in favor, for the OPPO Enco X. In fact, the smart functions of these TWS earphones are varied and they all work very well, very precisely. You can pause, answer calls, control the volume, change songs or just switch between modes noise cancellation to that of transparency.

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These functions can all be set in the settings of a smartphone OPPO, or from the application Hey melody on other smartphones Android (missing on iOS). In our example, up Find the X2 Pro, there is also the pop-up on the display that makes us connect them very quickly. This is also thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2. As for the codecs, the Enco x they are not equipped with aptX but of a more important one lHDC, which carries the bit-rate at a very high level, affecting the musical quality.

Returning then toANC, absolutely exceptional. Noise cancellation is concrete, they isolate us comfortably and without smudging. Obviously, when listening to music, we recommend that you turn it off, since it lowers the listening volume a little and therefore you may not enjoy all the audio quality we will talk about below. This is not a fault, as cancellation is usually a bit like that.

Audio Quality - OPPO Enco X

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What assessment to do about the audio of these TWS earphones? There co-engineering with Dynaudio it is obvious, the quality you are looking for is really high and above all with MQA file, standard used on Tidal to enhance lossless music streaming (about 96 KHz / 24-bit), practically as if the song is rendered as it is recorded in the studio. So yes, these OPPO Enco X they sound really good.

The volume is not very high, to say, but when it comes to quality, the sound must be clean and detailed, not high that could risk getting out of tune. The body stands out and the experience is really very pleasant, from a wireless headset (usually not meant for an audiophile audience) we did not expect this quality, instead it can satisfy even a mid-entry level audiophile who is approaching this world. .

Here is the complete technical sheet of the TWS ANC OPPO Enco X earphones:

  • Bluetooth 5.2;
  • 11mm dynamic drivers and 3.0mm DBEE 6 balanced diaphragm driver;
  • transmission distance 10 meters;
  • SBC / AAC / LHDC codec;
  • IP54 certification;
  • housing dimensions 66.3 x 49 x 21.7 mm;
  • earphone battery: 44 mAh;
  • case battery 535 mAh;


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This is also very good, since it guarantees 4 hours autonomy for earphones with ANC and 5.5 hours without cancellation, which go up to 20 and 25 hours thanks to custody. For the days we tried them we never ran out of power. In any case, they are rechargeable via Qi wireless charging.

OPPO Enco X - Sale price and conclusions

Usually a high price for a pair of earbuds can make you turn up your nose, but not in this case. In fact, the price range between the 120 and 150 € where these are usually found OPPO Enco X are justified, especially if we consider that direct rivals that cost practically the same.

And for the conclusions the initial discourse must be made again: making an investment in long-lasting quality in this case is very justified because smart features, sound quality, ANC and also theautonomy they can really guarantee you the same yield for a long time. And let's not exaggerate if we say that maybe they can be higher than the competition, but we could fall into the subjective.

Last updated the 04 / 12 / 2021 22: 12
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