Odec HU-H05 review: the colorful and capacious humidifier, and at what price!

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The house is now full of more or less intelligent objects, not only for the cleaning but also for the domestic air. Among these products we have humidifiers, which help us maintain an acceptable level of humidity in the air and which cover multiple price ranges. The protagonist of this review is thehumidifier Odec HU-H05, which stood out for some fundamental specifications and above all a truly competitive price. Let's find out what convinced us and what didn't.

Odec HU-H05 Review | Humidifier and diffuser

Package Contents

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The packaging of the Odec humidifier in review follows the very appreciable brand philosophy of using recycled materials for the product box. Inside, however, we really find the essential: that is thehumidifier manuals (also in Italian) and a brush used for cleaning it. In itself there is not much else to expect, given the price and what its use is.

Design and Construction - Odec Humidifier Review

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The design of theOdec HU-H05 follows the trend of smart home devices of the last period, that is white and minimal. The product is divided into several parts: that of the "engine" where the keys of power on ed lighting of the humidifier and the tank, very roomy, from 2.5 liters.

The float in which to pour the water is placed in the same tank. Closes all diffuser cover. The capacity is a point in favor of this humidifier, since you can use it for a long time with a decent power from 25W and that is enough for its functions.


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The highlight of this humidifier's review is of course how it works. Let's start with the fact that it is powered by electricity, so you don't have to worry about theautonomy, if anything, consumption, but considering the average use of such a product, they are not high at all. Turning to action, the touch-sensitive power button allows the following functions:

  • Tap single: it is possible to turn it on and switch to the various humidification modes, with the annexed very low intensity night mode.
  • Prolonged tap of 2 seconds: switch off the device.

For the lighting button, the functions are almost the same as the ignition but obviously activate the colored lights that make a nice effect especially in the dark. In lighted rooms it is perceptible but at times it can seem too dim. However, it is highly appreciated on an aesthetic level.

We also said this Odec humidifier and also diffuser, then just insert a few drops of essential oils to obtain a very pleasant scent. Convenient the fact that it has an automatic stand-by time after a certain amount of use. Plus not from poco, the huge noise of this device.

Conclusions and Price - Odec HU-H05 Review

So what about this Odec humidifier? We can summarize the evaluation with the fact that he knows what he is doing, without having to overdo it or trudge. Why do we write this? Clearly, we are referring to how much it costs which, believe us, it really is poco. In fact, this product can be found on Amazon, among other things shipped by the same with immediate shipping and delivery times, at a price of poco less than 25€, obtainable thanks to some Coupon applicable. This makes us promote it without any doubt as it combines effectiveness and essentiality, without too many frills.

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Package Contents
Design and construction
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