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Some companies are really pushing hard on the smartphone market. It is no coincidence, therefore, that brands like Samsung have begun to offer even slightly lower-end devices, increasing their quality. Although innovation pushes towards other types of products, the common phones we use every day are still the absolute masters in this sector. When folding devices are offered at more "human" prices, things will probably change. Beyond this aspect, however, among the growing companies we certainly find Realme. Within a few years this brand has managed to climb the sales rankings in all countries, convincing the public with an often unbeatable quality-price ratio. This will be the case with Realme 8 Pro, the last device we had the pleasure of testing? I still don't want to tell you anything, but know that in its price range the competition is fierce. Let's find out more inside this Full review.

Realme 8 Pro Review


Classic yellow box, with black writing on the front and some technical features on the back. This is the package of Realme 8 Pro. Inside, however, we also find some essential accessories:

  • Realme 8 Pro;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging and data transfer;
  • 65W wall power supply with SuperDart;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • soft transparent TPU cover;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot;
  • plastic film already applied to the front glass.

Design & Materials

I never expected to be able to praise so much the build quality of a product made of polycarbonate. The whole back, in fact, is in plastic and does absolutely nothing to mask it. Addressing also to young people, however, I really appreciated the presence of this conspicuous writing on the right, with the name of the company placed on the opposite side. Furthermore, when you touch this surface for the first time, you will notice a rough finish that only partially facilitates its grip. Despite everything, in fact, the device turns out to be on average slippery, despite the dimensions are in the end quite contained. Here, then, Realme 8 Pro measures 160,6 x 73,9 x 8,1 mm, with a weight of just 176 grams making it one of the lightest devices in its class.

realme 8 pro

When we think of a latest generation smartphone, surely we can also include this Realme home device. In spite of everything, however, the company has decided to keep fixed some elements that we have not found on other products for some time. Reason why, therefore, the audio jack 3,5 mm, accompanied by the main microphone, from the entrance USB Type-C and by system speaker. On the left, then, we have the SIM slot that can hold at the same time two nano SIM and a microSD. On the right side, however, there is the on / off button and the volume rocker. Going to the top, finally, we only have the secondary microphone for the suppression of ambient noise. I also remind you that the side frame is made of plastic, even if the company has managed to camouflage this component very well so as to make it look metallic.

It would be hard not to notice the photo gallery on the back, which consists of four different sensors, as well as a single flash LED. This component protrudes slightly from the profile of the device but with the cover present in the package this problem can be solved instantly. Despite this, this part is quite irrepressible, even if we do not find big differences compared to what is seen on other competing phones. Finally, we tested the Infinite Blue version which is perhaps the most beautiful of those available. Realme 8 Pro is available, in any case, also in the Infinite Black and Punk Black versions.

Unlocking Systems

As always, I would like to point out the presence of all the various unlocking systems on the smartphone. Also in this case, therefore, we find the fingerprint sensor, placed under the display, and the face recognition in 2D.

I do not recommend using facial recognition via selfie camera, since it is poco safe and really poco effective, especially when the light falls. With the first, however, it is possible to obtain a fair degree of reliability, even if there are some considerations to be made in this regard. In light of what we have seen in these days, in fact, it would have been preferable to introduce a side sensor, just like the one seen on POCO F3 for example. On this Realme 8 Pro, in fact, the unlocking is not very fast and, above all, accurate. Usually, therefore, the sensor recognizes our finger about 7 times out of 10.


Taking a look at the product, with the screen on, it almost seems to be a few years back in time. This is because the side bezels are still quite marked, as is the lower chin which is significantly wider than the rest of the phone. Beyond these aspects, however, on board we find a Super AMOLED da 6,4" with resolution Full HD + (2.400 x 1.080 pixels) with one screen-to-body-ratio of 90,8%, density of PPI 409, maximum brightness of 1.000 thread e sampling rate of the touchscreen equal to 180Hz.

We do not have a high refresh rate, remaining stationary on 60Hz, and this certainly does not speak in its favor compared to the competition. Many of the devices available at a price similar to yours, in fact, offer a higher display refresh rate. Despite this, the colors are well calibrated and not too saturated, with rather faithful whites and really deep blacks. Even under sunlight, the display looks good, even if the automatic brightness sensor it is not always reactive and precise in the calibration of this parameter. Unlike other smartphones, however, here we find a quite satisfactory oleophobic treatment of the front glass. This aspect, therefore, is of fundamental importance when moving outside the house, with the contents on the screen that are clearer and are not disturbed by our fingerprints.

Hardware & Performance

As you may have guessed, we are not in the presence of a high-end smartphone. We are, however, in that sector rather crowded with valid products and, above all, with an excellent quality-price ratio. Here, therefore, we find a Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 720G, therefore an octa-core CPU developed at 8nm and with this configuration: 2x Kryo 360 2.3GHz + 6x Kryo 360 1.7GHz. To accompany all this we find 8 GB of RAM LPDDR4X (there is also the version with 6 GB) and 128 GB of internal memory, of type UFS 2.1. All the graphic part, then, is managed by one Adreno GPU 618 which allows this device to obtain excellent performance in the gaming phase.

During all days of testing Realme 8 Pro showed no uncertainty in performing the most common daily operations. With the most classic applications that we all use, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, YouTube and poco other, the phone has always answered promptly and decisively. Obviously, the system is not free from small lags that permeate the entire interface, even in the transition from one application to another. However, this is normal behavior for a product of this type, which is certainly not aimed at those looking for amazing performance on a phone. You will not have any problem, however, even on all video streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +, being able to take advantage of the maximum resolution possible thanks to the certification Widevine of type L1. With this screen, with only a small hole on the left side, it is really a pleasure to be able to see some episode of a TV series, or a movie.

Even in the gaming phase it was able to amaze me. Very often the performance of a phone comes out in this sector, and so it was also in this case. Realme 8 Pro therefore allows you to play a competitive game like Call of Duty Mobile smoothly, showing excellent responsiveness and a rather stable frame-rate.



When I review a product made by Realme I never miss an opportunity to speak positively about the software. Here, in fact, there is space Realme UI 2.0, Based on Android 11, with security patch of April 5, 2021. From the first versions of this interface things have changed and, most of them, have actually improved the user experience. It is, in fact, one of the most free and extensive customizations of Android, which allows you to change almost every parameter at the end.

In addition to the usual system applications, indispensable for any type of user, they are located there Telephone Management, the ability to clone apps, file management and much more. Everything has been studied in detail, so it is impossible to find software developed by Realme that is lacking in animations or attention to detail. Going into the settings, then, you will be able to take a look at an almost infinite series of options. This, however, if on the one hand it can please all those who love Android precisely for this aspect, for the most newbies it could create some problems. Sometimes some items are located in menus that are almost difficult to find, or that more simply find space in places that we never would have imagined. For example: not everyone knows what the status bar is on a smartphone, but to enter the battery percentage on this part, you need to access the relative menu and not the one that refers to the battery. This is a logical thing, which is absolutely not wrong, but which assumes that the user immediately knows what they are talking about and that he is aware of everything about the software of a phone, whatever it is.


Realme has opted for a sensor as the main camera Samsung HM2 da 108 MP with aperture f / 1.88 and PDAF. There is also no lack of objective wide-angle lens da 8 MP with aperture f / 2.25 e FOV of 119 ° and two smaller sensors, both from 2 MP, one in black and white and the other used for macros.

Di day the quality is absolutely average, showing colors that are not too saturated but rather natural. Here, in fact, the main sensor has been able to bring out all the details, returning photos always up to the situation and characterized by an almost non-existent photographic noise. Obviously, using the digital zoom, which always uses the main sensor, the quality drops slightly but still remains average. You can also take advantage of the 108 MP lens to bring out the best of this sector, showing more details in general. The wide-angle camera is also good, which satisfied me in the slightly more unfavorable light conditions, faithfully capturing the colors and showing a wide view of the panorama in front of it.

Taking a look at the night shots we notice the presence of a greater photographic noise and, in general, of slightly more “dirty” images. This is absolutely normal though, remaining in the average of the phones that are sold at this price. Let's say that the situation is very often resolved by the Night Mode, which manages to manage artificial lights much better and guarantee a clearer view of the image.

Do not miss it selfie camera da 16 MP with aperture f / 2.45, one Sony IMX471 who on several occasions has always been able to return clear photos full of details. I believe that in this respect it is the most surprising sensor on this smartphone, since even with the bokeh effect it does not perform badly at all. This obviously applies both in the evening and during the day.


While they aren't optically stabilized, the videos aren't bad at all. Thanks to the software developed by Realme, in fact, it is possible to obtain good quality both in 4K is 30fps, both in 1080p at 60fps. I remind you, however, that with the latter mode it is not possible to use the wide-angle camera, but to do so it is necessary to go down to 30fps. Despite this, the quality is good, not particularly amazing in any respect, except that related to the autofocus. The latter, in fact, has always proved to be quite reactive and precise.

Audio & Connectivity

A module is located on board this smartphone 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac which, even in the least covered areas of the house, always allows you to have a good connection to surf the net. The same goes for LTE connectivity, which with the 4G Fastweb didn't give me any problems in the city, showing great coverage. I would like to point out, then, the presence of Bluetooth 5.0, Dell 'NFC, the GPS / APGS / GLONASS / BEIDOU and, as already mentioned, the 3,5 mm audio jack. The SIM slot also contains two 4G nano SIMs and a microSD simultaneously to expand the internal memory.

I have to say that on the level audio this smartphone does not show anything exceptional. Here, in fact, there is only a single speaker at the bottom that shows a rather poor depth of sound. The low tones are hardly heard, especially medium and high frequencies are preferred. In call, however, the quality is certainly better, being able to communicate with our interlocutor in a clear and precise way, without interruptions.


With its 4.500 mAh of battery this smartphone allowed me to safely overtake too 7 hours of active screen on a more than one day use basis. I believe, therefore, that you will struggle to find a similar smartphone in this price range from this point of view. Realme has always accustomed us quite well on the autonomy side and once again confirms itself as the undisputed queen. These results are also achieved with a stressful use of the smartphone, with several hours on social media, YouTube, Telegram, Gmail and much more.

In the event that the smartphone should run out before the time, there is no problem, thanks to the 50W SuperDart recharge that allows us to go from 10 to 100% in less than an hour.

Price & Conclusions

Realme 8 Pro, in our 8/128 GB version, is currently sold on The Amazon at about the price 283 €.

It is difficult to say whether it is actually better than the competition, given that in this price range the challenge is fierce. Taking into account only its features, however, I believe that in the end it is perfect for most users who are less inclined to buy a phone at much higher figures. In terms of autonomy there are almost no comparisons with other products, even competing ones, managing to offer a better experience in this respect. In everyday use, then, the smartphone offers average performance, without showing criticalities that do not allow normal use. I therefore absolutely recommend the purchase, but everyone has personal needs that could make them prefer some other product on the market and offered more or less at the same price.

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Design & Construction
Hardware & Performance
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realme-8-pro-review Some companies are really pushing hard on the smartphone market. It is no coincidence, therefore, that brands like Samsung have begun to offer even slightly lower-end devices, increasing their quality. Although innovation pushes towards other types of products, common phones ...