Realme Cobble Official Bluetooth Speaker: the brand's first mini speaker!

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker

Not just smartphones for Realme, but also IoT devices and accessories. This is not a novelty, but a fact that has materialized in the first smartband of the brand, in the headphones Buds air e in his smartwatch, already available in various incarnations. The gadget package is destined to expand further and now the company has formalized the debut of Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker: let's find out all the details on the features, price and availability of the company's first BT speaker.

Realme Cobble Official Bluetooth Speaker: everything you need to know

Design and features

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker

The device made its very first appearance in a leak a few months ago, with an image of the device and even references in the Link app code. Despite this, months of silence have followed until this moment: now the company has quietly launched Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker, what is in effect the brand's first BT mini speaker. The device comes with a pebble look: it is a low budget Bluetooth case, in Xiaomi style with its famous salt shaker.

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker is available in Black and Blue colors and offers power up to 5W. Autonomy side, we talk about around 9 hours music reproduction; there is no lack of resistance to type liquids IPX5 low latency mode to take advantage of the gaming speaker and a door Type-C for charging.

Realme Cobble Official Bluetooth Speaker: price and availability

At the moment the mini crate Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker was only launched in Thailand, where it is available for pre-order at the price of about 23 € at the current exchange rate (i.e. 899 Thai baht). For now it is not known whether this accessory will also arrive in our latitudes, but in any case it cannot be excluded: after all Realme has brought many of its products to Europe and a Bluetooth speaker should certainly not be a problem. Incidentally, we have seen the price in Thailand, but obviously it is reasonable to imagine that in other markets, at the exchange rate we should certainly have a more attractive figure.

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