Realme 8 Pro glows in the dark in the Illuminating Yellow version

realme 8 pro

After about a month since the debut, the Asian company is preparing to launch on the Indian market Realme 8 Pro Illuminating Yellow, mid-range version characterized by an unusual color with phosphorescent elements.

Realme 8 Pro becomes phosphorescent thanks to the Illuminating Yellow coloring

realme 8 pro

In reality this is not the first time that Realme gives us devices characterized by this particular design. Even among the latest models of the Q3 range it is possible to see a model with the same back cover. As the name suggests Realme 8 Pro Illuminating Yellow it comes in a striking yellow color that makes the device flamboyant. But the real gem is represented by the photographic module and the writing Dare to Leap, brand motto; these items come with a coating phosphorescent and they glow in the dark.

As for price and specifications, the new coloring of Realme 8 Pro aligns with the rest of the mid-range versions. At the moment the Yellow variant will debut in India next 26th April, but it is not known whether it will also reach our latitudes. What do you think of this smartphone phosphorescent? Would you buy such an extravagant device or better opt for the classic Black and Blue colors?

To find out more about Realm 8 Pro, take a look to our review. If, on the other hand, you have already made your decision and are aiming for the new mid-range, here you will find the details on where to buy it!

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