Proscenic P10 Pro review: the alternative you don't expect

proscenic p10 pro cover review

How comfortable is it to use an intelligent, but above all cyclonic, vacuum cleaner? Clearly, the more you go up in price, the more comfortable it becomes, but if the intention is to turn to a product with an excellent quality / price ratio, then Proscenic P10 Pro, L 'cyclonic vacuum cleaner protagonist of this review, may be the indicated product: let's find out why.

Proscenic P10 Pro review

Package Contents

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The packaging of the Proscenic P10 Pro of this review it is certainly essential, since it contains, in addition to the aluminum structure, the motor housing, the battery, the charging base (very small), the motorized main brush and the container for the dust filter, even the adapters to get to the most complicated corners of the house. It can be said that that's okay.

Design and materials

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If we look at the design of Proscenic P10 Pro, is not far from the trend of products in the same category, but the choice of colors (quite a lot Blue Night metallic) can make it stand out among other alternatives, usually in White or Red. THE materials used are of excellent workmanship, the polycarbonate for the motor, container, brush and accessories is of good quality and the aluminum structure has an excellent touch-and-feel. The bristles of the motorized brush are however of an excellent level.

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In any case, its weight remains average, weighing 2.2 kg, which makes the vacuum cleaner assume a certain stability but also a certain maneuverability that allows a comfortable and effortless cleaning session. Beautiful the touch display used to signal battery charge and the various suction modes.

Features and suction power

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The brushless motor with a power of 260W allows to obtain an excellent suction power from 23.000 Pa and in fact it manages to suck up an excellent amount of dirt and dust without too many worries. This is also thanks to 110.000 rpm that it manages to reach at maximum power, so as not to have to insist too much in a single area.

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There are 3 suction modes, the most powerful of which has a noise emission of 80 dB, so it won't be too annoying to hear, although the 3 modes clearly affect the battery. We recommend that you use the mode CAR, which allows to obtain an optimization of the cleaning that will lead you to a sufficient autonomy (which we will read later) but also to a concrete cleaning. The carpet function is useful V-Boost.

The flexibility of the Proscenic P10 Pro however, it allows you to really get to almost anywhere having an inclination up to 90 ° of the structure and up to 180 ° for the sides, so as to cover the corners well. Without a doubt, for what it costs, it does a really good job. For cleaning the large container with HEPA filter da 650 ml, simply unhook it and remove the interlocking structure to wash it with water. Finally, the bristles of the brush are anti-tangle, so it won't be difficult to clean them up.

Battery Life - Proscenic P10 Pro

The 8-cell battery from 28.8V of Proscenic P10 Pro basically guarantees an autonomy for satisfactory cleaning, you do not expect a monster of duration, but the cleaning of the area of ​​the house in AUTO mode it takes about 12 20-minute, obviously in MAX mode this is limited to about 10 minutes. There ECO mode takes you to poco beyond 40 minutes.

For recharging, the fact that it recharges in a range of 2 / 2.5 hours it is certainly a good thing, which therefore allows you to restart quite quickly.

Selling price and conclusions

Il price of sale of the Proscenic P10 Pro of the review is placed in a range between 150 and 200 €, therefore in line with its competitors. If you buy it at the link below, that is on Amazon, in these hours there is a discount that leads it to 179€, therefore a good compromise in the range indicated above.

And in light of the price, what can we draw from it for the conclusions? Proscenic P10 Pro it is true that it aligns with the other solutions of the same sector, but it can be an alternative for those who do not necessarily want to rely on the Xiaomi universe (therefore JIMMY, Dreamer, etc.), both for design and yes also for the performances, which are really very good without overdoing it.

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