Proscenic A9 review: the smart choice for your home

proscenic a9 air purifier review

The market for air purifiers is constantly growing and has accelerated precisely because of the pandemic. We have therefore experienced greater competitiveness between the various brands and this has inevitably seen the arrival of products increasingly rich in technical, at increasingly lower prices. Proscenic A9, protagonist of the review, can be considered as the perfect synthesis of the moment, offering many functionality and interaction with voice assistants, at a very attractive price. Will he have convinced us? Let's see it together.

Proscenic A9 Review | Air purifier

Package Contents

The packaging of the Proscenic A9 in review it is essential. In fact, we find the well packaged product and the filter 4 in 1 incellophanato separately. Inside the hardcover, moreover, we find the instructions for use and a sheet dedicated to download for free app Proscenic Home, downloadable on Play Store ed App Store.

Technical features Proscenic A9

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H features:

  • 4 in 1 filter
  • CADR of 460 m³ / hour suitable for a surface up to 90 sqm
  • compact dimensions (26 x 26 x 52 cm)
  • electrical consumption up to 60 W
  • laser sensor for the particulate atmospheric and temperature and humidity for real-time monitoring
  •  LED HD
  • connectivity WiFi a 2,4 GHz
  • remote control through the app Proscenic Home
  • compatible with Alexa e Google Home
  • low noise of 25 dB (A)

Design and materials

proscenic a9 air purifier review

For the new purifier, the company is on the safe side. Proscenic A9, in fact, it embraces the now cleared minimal design, along the lines of Xiaomi's Air Purifiers, but not only. The white structure, in polycarbonate, is in fact interrupted only by the presence of the functional holes for the suction and by the front display. The dimensions from 52 x 26 cm and the tapered body ensure that the product does not constitute a visual encumbrance and, thanks to its minimalist aesthetic lines, the air purifier Proscenic A9 can be integrated without too many problems in any environment. 

The compactness and the optimization of the shapes do not have - however - only aesthetic purposes, in fact there is an applause to the manufacturer which, maintaining dimensions Mi Air Purifier 3H (52 x 26 cm), guarantees twice as fast air exchange. In fact, we are talking about a coverage of approx 90mq, against the 45 square meters of the Xiaomi home counterpart. 

Filter system - Proscenic A9

Proscenic A9 it is not a valid product only in terms of design. The air purifier of the brand, in fact, offers a filtering system of the latest generation, with the 4 in 1 filter able to satisfy the multiple needs related to the different situations of use. More precisely, the filter system is divided into 4 layers who perform separate tasks. In fact, we find the filter HEPA H13, activated carbon, silver ions and antibacterial filter. 

This particular structure of the filter allows a 360 ° use of the air purifier functions, whether you want to use it to eliminate the most classic bad smells, or to improve the livability in environments where mold and bacteria are present. 

proscenic a9 air purifier review

The reality is that the filtering system in question has fully convinced me. Certainly the optimal use of the product is obtained in narrower environments than 90mq listed; despite this, in the areas where I used the product, the difference in terms of air quality was immediately noticeable.


proscenic a9 air purifier review

The new air purifier di Proscenic it is really very easy to use: it will be possible to switch on the product using the button present on the top soft touch keypad, from which you can also set the three different speed levels or, alternatively, automatic speed (the best choice in my opinion). The automatic speed will be able to work autonomously at the required power, based on the value returned by the sensors inside the purifier, used precisely for measuring air quality. Values ​​that will be easily accessible on the front display and which will also be accompanied by a chromatic reference (green if optimal, yellow if average, red if in poor condition). 

proscenic a9 air purifier review

In addition to the automatic mode, we find a very comfortable one "night" setting which substantially tends to reduce the decibels emitted by the product, up to 25 db (60% less noisy than maximum power), in order to be able to use it even at night without causing too much trouble.

Although the purifier is very easy to use via the push-button panel, the real interesting features are those remotely: Proscenic A9 it is in all respects a air purifier smart. In this sense, in fact, you will be spoiled for choice: you can control it using the voice assistants Alexa e Google Home, but also from the proprietary app. In the latter case, you will also have access to additional functions such as the ability to check the status of the filter and set shutdown timers.

Maintenance - Proscenic A9

Taking care of this purifier is child's play. In order to change the filter inside, just unhook the cover located on the back of the body. Filter that can be cleaned and, if necessary - when indicated by the application - replaced in a procedure that takes no more than 5 minutes.

Price and conclusions

As we mentioned at the beginning, the air purifier market has practically exploded in the last year. Despite this, in our opinion, Proscenic A9 manages to carve out an important role given its price. It is - probably - one of the most interesting products in the quality / price ratio since it manages to offer excellent smart features and a complete filtering system, which considerably affects the daily well-being of your home. Given the coverage so wide (up to 90 square meters) and considering it street price about 169€, we would like to recommend the product.

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