OPPO: remote charging in action in the new video

oppo x remote wireless charging

La wireless remote charging it might have seemed like magic a few years ago, but we're seeing leaps and bounds from manufacturers. After Xiaomi and Motorola, also OPPO took the ball, surprising its audience at the Mobile World Congress 2021 in Shanghai. At the technology fair, the company unveiled its wireless technology Wireless Air Charging, with a clip that sees the protagonist Oppo X, the rollable that we tested with hand days ago.

Upgrade 16 / 04: after months, we can again appreciate the capabilities of OPPO remote charging in a new video from vivo. You can find it at the end of the article.

Remote wireless charging also becomes reality for OPPO with Wireless Air technology

But today we won't focus on OPPO X's extendable display, because the prototype has been leveraged to showcase remote wireless charging. That of OPPO is a fairly synthetic clip, 30 seconds in which we see the smartphone able to charge without the aid of any physical contact. In the video we see OPPO X resting on a wooden pad for wireless charging, continuing to recharge even when raised. Unlike Xiaomi, however, OPPO's mode does not cover a large area, since recharging takes place within 10 centimeters of the base.

We assume that the advantage for OPPO may be to offer remote wireless charging at a lower cost, without the need to have an antenna at home for charging. Details are still missing and it is probably still early to talk about it concretely, with OPPO that could increase the range in the near future. And what would you prefer, wireless charging at a distance of a few centimeters or a few meters?

New video from vivo | Update 16/04

The era in which we will be able to have smartphones capable of wireless charging remotely, if this ever happens on a large scale, still seems distant. Surely OPPO is in the front row to achieve this goal, as demonstrated at the MWC 2021 in Shanghai. But the prototype of the OPPO X rollable smartphone shows no signs of stopping being talked about, thanks to a new video from vivo.

A video that on the one hand feeds the hype of enthusiastic techs, but on the other hand demonstrates the strong limitations of this technology. Compared to that of Xiaomi, OPPO's wireless remote charging is still subject to the need to maintain a certain proximity between smartphone and charging base. In short, there is still some work to be done to make it a truly functional functionality, contrary to what has been demonstrated at present.

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