OPPO Band review: the challenge to Mi Band 6 is open

For some time now, OPPO has launched into the production of many different products, not just smartphones. For several years, therefore, the Chinese brand officially arrived here in Italy, and immediately made it clear to all the other competitors to get serious. It is not surprising, therefore, that the company has met with some success in these months of stay in our country. From pocoHowever, a very interesting product has arrived on the market, namely the first OPPO band. It hasn't been presented for long but it immediately captured our attention for some very special features. On an aesthetic level, however, it does not show great differences compared to other sacred monsters in this sector, such as We Band by Xiaomi. So will it really be worth buying? Let's find out more about how it works within this Full review.

OPPO Band review


As always, the Chinese company does not disappoint in this respect, showing a fairly neat packaging that shows the design of the product on the front. In addition to finding various technical features on the back, the following accessories are contained in the sales package:

  • OPPO Bands;
  • USB-A cable for charging the smartband;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • user manual, in Italian.

Design & Materials

Taking a quick look at it, this smartband presents almost no differences from those we usually see on the market. On an aesthetic level, in fact, it looks a lot like a Xiaomi Mi Band that has recently kept more or less the same form factor. It is therefore a classic product that at first glance is not so distinguishable from the others. Only the writing at the bottom, on the front, provides a first clue on the type of accessory we are talking about, or OPPO Band. Obviously, also in this case, the whole structure is made of plastic, with the strap da 15 mm in TPU that returns a good feeling of softness and solidity. Although the wearable is made really well, in every respect, it has a weight of only 10,3 grams (excluding strap), with dimensions of 40,4 x 17,6 x 11,95 mm. You hardly feel it on your wrist after just a few minutes of use, so this factor definitely works in its favor in several respects. I believe, in fact, that it is one of the best and, among other things, less invasive solutions for the summer period. With this smartband you can safely do physical activity without feeling a constant discomfort on the wrist, generally caused by a strap that is too rigid or an excessively large product.

oppo bands

Let's see how on the front there is a glass with curl 2.5D, which therefore gives a truly unique feeling of quality. I would like to point out, then, how the central capsule is removable, thus being able to put it on charge quite easily. I do not deny you, however, that I would have preferred a smarter solution, which did not involve the extraction of this component from the strap. In fact, I believe that this solution would have avoided having to continually extract this part, while also preserving its structural integrity.

There are no physical buttons on the body, as well as soft touch buttons. All the various operations of moving within the interface pass through the classic gestures that we all know by now. However, we will see in detail how they work in the following paragraphs. Beyond all these features, the device is certified to withstand 50 meters of depth in the water, then showing on the lower part the sensor for detecting the heartbeat and the magnetic pins for charging. At first glance, this component could be quite protruding from the structure, but once the smartband is worn this fear disappears immediately.


There have been several products of this type that I have tried in the last period, many of which actually belong to the smartwatch / sportwatch category. However, I believe that in recent months I have never found a display so pleasant to see in everyday use, with bright colors and clear definition, which even under direct sunlight does not show any problems. Going a little more specifically, therefore, here we find a unity AMOLED da 1,1" with resolution 126 294 pixels x, which all in all satisfies expectations. Of course, a few days ago Xiaomi's Mi Band 6 was launched which was able to "revolutionize" this product by offering a much more intriguing full-screen display in some respects. Could OPPO have done more? Surely the answer is yes, but we are also satisfied with this form factor.

oppo bands

I must say that even without the automatic brightness sensor you travel well, even if in different situations you will have to manually change this parameter. At the highest possible level, however, even in direct sunlight you will have no problem with this.


Taking a look at what is indicated on the official website, we see how a said chip is contained within the OPPO Band Apollo3, with an internal memory of 16 MB, which then manages the entire system. This aspect, however, counts up to a certain point, because in the end only the results make the difference on a product of this type. So, I can tell you that with the Bluetooth 5.0 I have never encountered any malfunctions, always remaining connected with my smartphone. When you move a lot away from the device, the smartband disconnects, and then reconnects automatically when it returns to an optimal range.

I must say that the opportunities for customization are not lacking on OPPO Band, but going to see the data the heartbeat detection proved to be quite accurate and reliable. Personally, I used an active survey 24 / 24h with the analysis done automatically every 6 minutes, which then allows you to access the graph that shows the whole trend of our heart rate. Not only that, however, because with this smarband it is also possible to register the SpO2, hence the oxygen saturation levels in the blood. Obviously I don't have professional machines that can certify this aspect, but I have compared it with a classic finger detector, purchased on Amazon. Here the data collected were almost always similar, with a discrepancy of one or two percentage points. In case you want to take a more specific look at the performance of these parameters, however, I invite you to take a look at the HeyTap Health application, which we will discuss later in more detail.

Like any smartband and smartwatch that you respect, we also find the sleep monitoring. Also in this case, therefore, I was quite happy with this component, since the system is able to correctly detect the time when you go to sleep and that of awakening, without any criticality. Furthermore, during the night, other parameters that can be viewed on the official app are also detected, as well as the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. This last function, however, can be activated manually from the settings of the app itself, therefore on your phone.


I think it is difficult to say if the interface developed by OPPO is actually better than others. What I can say with absolute certainty, however, is that the differences are rather minimal. Going to see what the smartband offers, in fact, we notice how the first screen is referred simply to watch face, which can be changed by swiping left or right with a swipe. But that's not all.

By clicking on the main watch face, you access a page that shows the actual connection with Bluetooth, the charge status of the product, the steps taken, the calories burned and the date. With a swipe down or up, you enter the actual device menu, where you can find the following items: Daily Activities, Sports, Heart Rate, SpO2, Sleep, Breathing, Weather, Tools, Settings, Notifications. Each of these items has different options within it, through which you can change the brightness of the display, take a look at the messages that have just arrived, monitor the sport, activate the alarm and take a look at the settings.

This is not bad software, the company simply could not have done much more with the available surface. It would be nicer, however, to be able to highlight the shapes even with respect to the display, perhaps using a larger area to interact with the screen.

Sports Activity & Operation

How many sports activities do you expect to find on a product of this type? Most likely just a few, but maybe not. It always depends on the expectations, but I can tell you in any case that OPPO Band is currently able to monitor 12 different activities, Including: Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Fat Burning Run, Outdoor Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Elliptical Training, Rowing Machine, Cricket, Badminton, Pool Swimming, Yoga and Free Workout. The results count more and more, so I'm talking about the performance obtained from this accessory. I mainly tested walking and I must say that in this respect the smartband did not behave badly at all, detecting the steps in a very similar way to what is shown by Mi Band 5. It is, therefore, a product that is certainly valid in this respect and which can be used, if necessary, to keep track of one's movements.

I always appreciate very much when a product is accompanied by a 'application well thought out, in every respect. This is precisely the case of this smartband, which offers the vision of all the various graphics on the official app. Do not worry, therefore, because at the end of the activity every type of data is saved in the app itself, reporting the sport that we went to select, start and finish poco before.

I just want to open a little parenthesis on notifications, which often arrive all together at a given moment. It has happened to me more than once that the clock showed me the same ones one after the other notifications in the queue, almost as if he no longer remembered having already shown them to me. This mainly happens when a new message arrives on an application that has already received a previous notification, sending everything into confusion.

Hey Tap Health

You have most likely never heard of this smartphone application, that is Hey Tap Health. It is a software developed precisely to include all the various smart devices of the company, including smartwatch and smartband. In addition to being able to configure OPPO Watch, therefore, it is possible to save the OPPO Band data inside it. Following the procedure indicated on the display, then, the wearable is synchronized to the phone and that's it. Everything is reproduced in a rather simple way, even on a graphic level where I appreciated the colors and the minimalism that, in general, pervades the whole application. Here the essential is located, and also something more. In fact, let's see how the main screen shows data on steps, heart rate, sleep, SpO2 and the training log. Entering each single item, therefore, it is possible to view the graphs specifically, as well as other important information about our physical fitness.

There are many different settings available that allow you to activate the detection of the heartbeat 24 / 24h, to select the apps from which to receive notifications on the smartband, to update the product and much more. All functions that, in reality, also perform well other similar apps, such as Mi Fit.


It is never easy to talk about this topic, especially when it comes to such products. Depending on the settings we are going to use, in fact, the autonomy can vary very much. Despite this, therefore, the battery from 100 mAh allows you to complete approx 7 days of use, always keeping the heart rate detection, notifications, the wrist gesture that activates the display, sleep monitoring and active poco other. The more functions you use, the lower the performance returned by the drums. You must therefore consider that with a milder use it is possible to even exceed 10 days of autonomy without any problem.

Price & Conclusions

OPPO Band is currently for sale on The Amazon at about the price 50 €.

In light of what we have seen in this review, I believe there is nothing more to add. Net of the aesthetic similarities with other products, this smartband has proved to be reliable and precise in every situation. Here, therefore, the company has done an excellent job in this regard. If this is its first release in this industry, then, I guess things can get even better in the future. I believe, however, that it is simply a matter of choosing the one you like best, not only in terms of aesthetics, but more in terms of ecosystem. Even if you own a Xiaomi device, for example, you would still have the possibility to make the most of OPPO Band, using its dedicated app. Some changes and improvements are still missing, but let's say that with this smartband we are already at a good point.

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oppo-band-review For some time now, OPPO has launched into the production of many different products, not just smartphones. For several years, therefore, the Chinese brand has officially arrived here in Italy, and immediately made it clear to all the other competitors of ...