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oneplus oxygenos open beta

The work of OnePlus to improve their own OXYGEN it also passes through the existence of ROMs Open Beta, available at download for free for everyone. As happens (goes) with Xiaomi's MIUI, the software team offers public beta testing ROMs for the most passionate community. The purpose of the Open Beta is to try out the new features in advance, with the aim of having feedback before their release on OxygenOS Stable.

In order to collect them all in one place, we decided to create this article. Below you will find the list of the various OnePlus smartphone models and, with them, the related Beta ROMs.

Last updated: April 28st

OxygenOS Open Beta: all versions available for download for OnePlus

ModelVersionComplete OTAIncremental OTARollback
OnePlus 8TOpen Beta 4DownloadOB 2 to OB 4 - Download
OB 3 to OB 4 - Download
OnePlus 8Open Beta 9DownloadDownloadDownload
OnePlus 8 ProOpen Beta 9DownloadDownloadDownload
OnePlus NorthOpen Beta 5DownloadDownloadDownload
OnePlus 7TOpen Beta 4DownloadDownloadDownload
OnePlus 7T ProOpen Beta 4DownloadDownloadDownload
OnePlus 7Open Beta 4DownloadDownloadDownload
OnePlus 7 ProOpen Beta 4DownloadDownloadDownload
OnePlus 6TOpen Beta 6DownloadDownload-
OnePlus 6Open Beta 6DownloadDownload-
OnePlus 5TOpen Beta 33Download--
OnePlus 5Open Beta 35Download--
OnePlus 3TOpen Beta 30Download--
OnePlus 3Open Beta 39Download--
oneplus oxygenos open beta

How to install the OxygenOS Open Beta after downloading

The installation procedure of the OxygenOS Open Beta is the same for all the OnePlus smartphone models listed here. Once you have downloaded the corresponding ZIP file, you need to move it to the root folder of the device's internal memory. At this point go to the section "System updates”From Settings and click on the gear icon at the top right. In the options that will appear, select "Local update”And select the Open Beta you copied to your smartphone.

Once the installation is complete, you will have your OxygenOS Open Beta running on the OnePlus smartphone. From now on you will receive an OTA notification when a new Beta version is eventually available. In order to avoid possible problems, moving from OxygenOS Stable to Open Beta we recommend that you make a backup and then format the memory to have a "cleaner" installation.

How to roll back

In case you want to go back to the previous firmware, you need to download the rollback package for your OnePlus model. Copy it to the smartphone memory, go to "Settings / System / System Updates", Click at the top right, select"Local update“, Choose the rollback package and run it. Then restart your smartphone and, if everything went as it should, you will restart the previous software release.

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