OnePlus 9 Pro: this time the teardown is the other way around, thanks to JerryRigEverything

oneplus 9 pro

The new super top from OnePlus has been officially presented and we have also seen him struggling with the former resistance test. This time we come back to talk about OnePlus 9 Pro but in a different sauce: the flagship was dismantled from iFixit and video teardown it reveals its secrets and shows us whether the newcomer is a smartphone that is easy to repair or not.

Upgrade 07 / 04: after the iFixit teardown, the one of JerryRigEverything for OnePlus 9 Pro arrives, but this time it is very special. Find everything at the bottom of the article.

OnePlus 9 Pro disassembled in the first video teardown

Spoiler: the degree of repairability of OnePlus 9 Pro it is not exactly exceptional and requires expert hands. All in all, the inside of the device has some advantages, such as the modular structure that allows access to the various parts in a clear way.

However, some elements affect the final score of iFixit: The back panel is tied to the body with a large amount of glue, a detail that makes waterproofing effective but certainly not repairable. Furthermore, accessing the display will also be a titanic undertaking. However we leave you directly to video teardown di OnePlus 9 Pro that we hope will be able to satisfy the most curious.

JerryRigEverything performs a teardown unlike OnePlus 9 Pro

After teardown you see above of iFixit, also comes the usual work of JerryRigEverything for the top range of OnePlus. Or rather, this time the known YouTuber instead of disassembling the smartphone, he decided to assemble it completely from scratch, having the Pro version of series 9.

The realization, although complex, does not seem to scare Jerry, which piece by piece he manages to assemble OnePlus 9 Pro without much effort, as you can see from the video above. The camera module is very interesting, but the double cell battery is also very curious to see.

oneplus 9 pro

It is particular to see that the model he builds alone is able to recharge more quickly than one pre-assembled by the brand. In short, a good job of patience but which certainly brings satisfaction to those who succeed and find themselves recognizing the smartphone they own in all its nuances.

As for the new flagships, we remind you that the OnePlus 9 is already available for purchase in Italy. If you want to know more don't miss it our comparison between model 9 and the rival par excellence, Xiaomi Mi 11!

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