Nature becomes a game with Xiaomi's mini greenhouse

mini greenhouse xiaomi

In addition to many tech products and accessories, the crowdfunding platform of the Chinese house also offers an avalanche of solutions dedicated to children. Among these there are not alone technological games but also interesting educational products, as in the case of the new one mini greenhouse for children launched up Xiaomi YouPin.

The Xiaomi YouPin mini greenhouse allows children to learn by playing

Like most of the products on the crowdfunding platform, the mini greenhouse launched up Xiaomi YouPin comes under one of the partner brands, in this case Science Can. The product gives a playful approach to the world of plants and allows children to learn a little bit about the growth of this thanks to some features. First of all, the mini greenhouse looks like a "simple" vase, to which it is possible to apply one dome divided into two parts: one side is transparent while the other is completely obscured. This way children can see the effect of sunlight on plant growth.

In addition, the interior design of the pot lends itself to both standard and hydroponic gardening, in order to experiment with various techniques. The purpose of this educational mini greenhouse for children is therefore both to show the effect of sunlight and that of growing with soil or water. The product it's not smart and therefore has no connectivity or a way to monitor plant growth via mobile.

Icing on the cake, they are present in the package 4 sachets of seeds of different varieties, together with a package showing the various information. The price of the Science Can mini greenhouse di Xiaomi YouPin is only €9 at the exchange rate (about 69 yuan): a very convenient figure for learning while having fun!

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