Mediatek has a 4 nm chip ready and Xiaomi immediately likes it, vivo and OPPO

mediatek chipset 4nm xiaomi oppo vivo

The semiconductor market often goes hand in hand with consumer electronics innovation as it drives it. And for this, the big brands rely on more and more advanced, as in the case of Xiaomi, vivo e OPPO who got their "hands" on the next project of MediaTek: A chipset a 4 nm.

MediaTek, that's why its 4nm chip is more intriguing than a Qualcomm chip

mediatek manufacturing chipset 4 nm xiaomi oppo vivo 2

As we know, the idea of ​​a 4 e 3 nm is in the plans of TSMC who will then provide them to Qualcomm e MediaTek, therefore not new, but it seems that the solution of the Taiwanese manufacturer, which could arrive sooner, is much more liked by brands like Xiaomi, vivo e OPPO. By the way, it seems that the progress of the production of this semiconductor it is comparable to what Apple gets every year, so with a very interesting impact on smartphone production.

There is also a reason why these brands prefer MediaTek a Qualcomm: the American chipmaker will push for chipset a 5 nm, therefore for continuity, but this does not imply lower costs and if we think that the next 5G SoC of the Taiwanese giant will cost about dollars 80, we do not imagine how much that of Cristiano Amon's company could cost.

Currently MediaTek did not comment on these latest news, but only reiterated that TSMC will be the main provider of its hardware solutions.

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