Lydsto R1 review: washes, vacuums and cleans itself, at a TOP price

2700 Pa of suction power, possibility to wash the floors and a 3L recharge and collection base with which - even at the end of each cleaning - you self-cleans. These are the peculiarities of the List R1, the brand new robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner which, in addition to guaranteeing (on paper) first-class performance and functionality, brings with it an excellent value for money and the solution to one of the most annoying problems in this category, which has now become a must- have in smart homes: the maintenance.

Yes, because in addition to vacuuming the dirt and polishing the floors, the List R1 it is an automatic vacuum cleaner that completely "self-manages" maintenance, and for about a month it will not require you to empty the dirt container. The only concern of those who buy it will be to fill the water container to allow it to polish the floors as well. Nothing else.

And, considering that with ours coupon discount (which you find below) to take it home just spend 329 €, it is clear that the quality / price ratio of the Lydsto R1 could make the eyes shine even to all those people who have always wanted an automatic vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner capable of emptying itself, but have never taken it into consideration on the way of the prohibitive costs that until recently were typical of the category. The risk, however, is that in order to be able to sell a product at a too competitive price, those of Lydsto had to save on something. Let's find out if this is really the case.

Lydsto R1 review: washes, vacuums and cleans itself, at an economical price

Package Contents

Considering the nature of the product, the packaging of the List R1 it is much more cumbersome than those typical of 2-in-1 robot vacuums and scrubbers. The reason is clearly the presence of the charging and cleaning base, together with a long list of accessories and consumables.

Inside there are:

  • Charging station
  • 7 x 3L dust bags
  • Main brush
  • 30 disposable dust cloths
  • Water tank
  • Dirt container
  • Interchangeable mop
  • Manual

Design and materials

Despite being a fairly inexpensive automatic vacuum cleaner, the design and materials of the List R1 they are of excellent quality and of a level comparable to much more expensive products. The design of the robot is typical of the category, and even the charging and emptying base has an appearance very similar to that already seen in other members of the category. The reality of the facts, however, is that by extracting the product from its packaging, one immediately realizes how much the materials with which it was made, together with the robustness of the structure and the presence of a large number of sensors, are from first of the class.

Whole body of the List R1 it is protected by a white ABS body, in the upper area of ​​the robot there is the typical turret with rotating laser, while the dirt and water container have been positioned in the lower section of the circumference: in short, at first glance the List R1 it could seem practically identical to many other exponents of the category, were it not for the presence of a charging base and, consequently, of a larger hole positioned near the dirt container.

La charging and emptying base, then, it is done very well. Unlike the vast majority of devices of this kind, the emptying base, the connector with which the robot can start the cleaning phase of the container is positioned outside the oval surface of the base, and is flanked by two further connectors with which will be recharged: this means that, once cleaning is complete, the List R1 it can be recharged and self-cleaned in the direction of entry to the base, avoiding having to move away, rotate, and then return to position.

Above the base there is an opening with which it is possible to access the compartment containing the bag of the dirt container, which has a capacity of 3L and which is easily interchangeable.

It is good to keep in mind though that the emptying process is extremely noisy. It lasts a few seconds, it is true, but it is very intense seconds in which the motor contained in the cleaning turret makes you feel all its power.

Technical features - List R1

Here is the complete technical sheet of the List R1:

  • Suction power: 2700pa
  • Dust container capacity: 200ml
  • Water container capacity: 250ml
  • Self-emptying charging base capacity (bag):  3 L
  • Battery: 5200 mAh
  • Processor: Quanzhi MR112 Processor, Dual-Core
  • Navigation: LDS laser navigation
  • Mapping: yes, with the possibility of programming by areas and setting up virtual walls
  • Automatic refill: si
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 21.8 x 34.3 cm

Suction power and operation

With its 2700 Pa, the List R1 it does not fear comparisons even with the most powerful automatic robots. And in addition to the power of the motor and the excellent operation of the side brush, the high-precision LDS laser sensor assisted by Lysmart V5 technology, allows the List R1 to create a virtual map of the environment in order to optimize the cleaning process: it is a system that works, even quite well, and which is equipped with an algorithm capable of completely automatically separating the detected rooms.

The obstacle detection system, which on some occasions could make the robot waste some time before finding the right path, is good but not very well, but it is still able to make the List R1 all the objects it can find in its path and the heights of the furniture that surround it, in order to evaluate whether to slip under it or not.

Le suction mode there are four, to which must also be added those in which the robot will distribute the water on the floor: the liquid container, among other things, is equipped with a solenoid valve which can be managed directly from the application, and which therefore allows you to accurately choose the amount of water to distribute on the floor.

On the ability of the water tank however, a note is necessary: ​​at the maximum distribution quantity, exceeding 40/50 square meters it may be necessary to refill it. It is therefore important to choose this parameter carefully, in order to guarantee a complete cleaning of the whole house.

Anyway, what is most surprising of the List R1 is the quality of cleaning. It is clear that at such a low price, one might expect a slightly subdued cleaning, but I must admit that in reality this is not the case: especially at maximum suction power which, among other things, is also quite silent, the List R1 cleans that is a pleasure and is able to capture even the most stubborn dirt.

Through the app, then, it is also possible to decide to perform one deeper cleaninga, or to clean edges only environment, in order to eliminate accumulations of dust.

Lo automatic emptying then it is well functional, the bag inside is interchangeable and has a capacity of 3 liters, and it could be emptied even after a month. 

App and features

The complete management of the List R1 takes place through a proprietary app, called Lydsto and available for both iPhone and Android. And, probably, this application is the real Achilles heel of the product. And it is for several reasons, one above all the translation: it is available in Italian, but it is translated very badly and some elements continue to be displayed in Chinese, despite having selected our language.

Poco bad though, why graphically it is very well done and the graphical interface is so intuitive and easy to use, that all in all you can even do without reading the names of some of the features.

La management of maps and rooms, is identical to what we have seen in the other robot vacuum cleaners and scrubbers of other brands, and after the first mapping it will be possible to associate a name to each room, in order to facilitate cleaning in zones or rooms, divide them or create new ones.

You can also activate the scheduled cleaning programs, each of which can be customized according to cleaning methods, areas to be cleaned and - clearly - at the time and it is possible to manage with extreme simplicity also the virtual walls and exclusion zones: in this way it will be possible to prevent the robot from cleaning beyond a certain boundary, or in a particular area of ​​the floor.

Also via the application, you can also control it state of wear of some of the components of the vacuum cleaner, such as the filter, brushes and so on, and you can choose between six different cleaning and washing modes: the suction power can be set on three levels, as well as the amount of water sprayed on the floor.

Battery Life - Lydsto R1

The battery that drives the List R1 it is a 5200 mAh, able to guarantee a really good autonomy to the robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner. The company guarantees 150 minutes of operation with a single charge, but in optimal conditions and with minimum energy consumption in terms of water and suction power.

In real life, things change a lot, although I must admit that in my tests I managed to complete the cleaning of an environment of about 120 square meters, at maximum suction power, consuming about 55% of autonomy.

Which lets me assume that with a single charge the List R1 is able to complete the cleaning of rooms over 200 square meters without problems, with the only limit of water available in the tank.

Price and conclusions

The price of List R1 is 389,99 euros which, thanks to our discount and a coupon (found below), drops to 329,99 euros on Amazon Italy: to access the full discount, you will need to use the box below together with the 40 euro coupon displayed, and then select the box on Amazon for an additional 20 euro discount directly on the product page.

And it is useless to go around it: at € 329,99 it is true that there are robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners with the same characteristics and a very similar capacity, but they are all models without any self-emptying system. The reality is that the List R1 is one of those products perfect for people who want to accept very few compromises, and able to give the user all the features they might need.

If the company had paid more attention to the optimization of the application, perhaps also giving more weight to the translation process, I could have considered the List R1 one of the best-buy of the moment. But apps, as we know, update themselves to correct this type of problem.

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