Lydsto R1: a closer look at the robot with emptying base

lydsto r1 features robot vacuum cleaner mop base emptying dust collection

With the ever increasing attention to the robot vacuum cleaner, people no longer need to manually clean and remove dust from rooms, sofas, under the bed or in the farthest corners of the house. Obviously, the dust accumulates in the robots and therefore you have to empty them, which makes this operation slower. But with solutions like the new Lydsto R1 smart robot, with emptying base, the problem is finally solved, but let's take a look at what it offers.

Lydsto R1: here's what the new robot vacuum cleaner can do

lydsto r1 features robot vacuum cleaner mop base emptying dust collection 2

Let's start from the fact that he, as described, is composed of two parts: the robot and the dust emptying base, which also acts as a battery charger for the device. Once theaspiration and then List R1 it goes back to the base to recharge, the accumulated dust is automatically collected in the container, which contains a bag inside it, then to be trashed. But what is the collection capacity of the R1?

La base of recollection of the new Lydsta it is compact, being from 430 mm, but this allows to collect more dust in less time and above all to avoid clogging. With an engine capable of reaching the speed of 50.000 turns per minute and a suction power of approx 30 kPa, the cleaning rate can easily reach 98%. Once these powerful functions have been carried out, once at the emptying base all the dirt collected is sucked up. The collection bag can hold up to 3 liters, then up to a month of cleaning. So, you only have to worry about removing the envelope after approx Orders shipped to Europe, in comfort.

Suction power

List R1 it is not only a robot vacuum cleaner, but can also act as a floor washer thanks to his mop skills, which are aided by the water tank electronically controlled, which distributes water according to the area to be washed, so as not to leave unnecessary residues. In addition, it is equipped with the carpet recognition function, which allows you to pressurize the tank and activate the powerful carpet suction mode, in a very intelligent way.

Navigation skills

Not only suction, but also many smart functions. List R1 it is equipped with a high precision LDS laser sensor, also equipped with the positioning and navigation algorithm Lysmart V5, which allows you to plan a global mapping of the house in a few moments, as well as avoid obstacles and steps, improving the direction of the robot in a timely manner.

Lydsto R1 - Autonomy

The new robot vacuum cleaner from Lydsta is equipped with a capacious battery da 5.200 mAh, which allows a long cleaning up to 150 minutes. This is because it features an intelligent breakpoint, which calculates the required power for the remaining area, continuing once it has been recharged sufficiently. This is certainly an advantage for large homes, or for large families or with pets, without wasting energy but improving cleaning efficiency.

Finally, considering that List R1 has a multi-level mapping capability, a dedicated application to monitor everything, an ability to overcome barriers up to 20 mm and an advanced anti-fall system, the idea that it costs a lower price than some competitors such as Roborock, iRobot and Ecovacs, does nothing but make the expense for it very advantageous and long-lasting. In case you want to buy it, find the new Lydsto a this link.

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