Lenovo Tab P11 Pro review: at this price it is to buy!

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

A few weeks ago we analyzed the new tablet of Lenovo dedicated to the medium range (also medium-low), or the Lenovo Tab P11, an elegant device that elevates productivity and multimedia to another level even with not too generous budgets. This time, however, we are ready to show you the older brother, the top of the range Lenovo Tab P11 Pro, known in China as Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro.

The difference between the two is a more performing processor, an OLED display and other details that could really make a difference for a more demanding use. So how did he behave during our tests? Let's find out together in the full review!

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro review

Unboxing - Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

As with the Tab P11 this too Lenovo Tab P11 Pro he was sent to us by Banggood so the package will be in white cardboard with Chinese writing. Please note that, apart from the writings in another language on the box and the power supply with Chinese plug (the store should send you an EU adapter free of charge), we do not find any difference within the software in fact the Google services.

Inside the sales package, therefore, we find the following equipment:

  • Lenovo Tab P11 Pro;
  • 20W power supply with Chinese socket;
  • USB data cable - USB Type-C;
  • pin for the microSD slot;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

Although already with the Tab P11 the design had convinced me, with the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro the company did a job of great class making a device truly elegance and beautiful to see. The body and the side frame are completely in aluminum di excellent workmanship, the edges are flat and the rear presents an alternation between matt and satin aluminum, but this time with continuity, without interruptions.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

I can confidently say it is one of the most curated tablets I've used in the last year, as well as one of the biggest ones. In fact, thanks to the 11.5-inch display, the Tab P11 Pro is about the size of 26.4 x 17.14 x 0.6 centimeters for a weight of approx 485 grams. All this guarantees excellent visibility, but holding it as a handlebar you cannot reach the center with your thumbs.

It is not a big problem, a tablet does not have to be handy as it is used at home, in university / school or office, but it was a detail that I wanted to point out to further enrich the review.

However, it too is meant to be exploited more in landscape mode (horizontally), as we find the power and volume keys in the left corners, the double front camera on the longer profile and magnetic pins on the opposite side to attach a keyboard.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Apart from this parenthesis, on the left side we find the power button which also integrates a fingerprint sensor, two system speakers and the microSD slot, while on the right side we find the other two speakers and the USB Type-C input. Above we note the rocker volume and two microphones, unlike the lower profile on which the magnetic pins are placed.


Il Lenovo Tab P11 Pro owns a OLED display da 11.5 inches with resolution 2K (2560 x 1600 pixels), density of 263 PPI, HDR10 support, maximum brightness of 500 nits, support for the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 which features 4.096 pressure levels and edges on all sides of just 6.9 millimeters.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Compared to the basic variant, the difference can be seen on this Pro we have a OLED display which is a pleasure for the eyes, both because there is a good definition, but also because the panel is very large and it will seem to us to be completely immersed in the scene.

The maximum brightness guarantees excellent visibility, the contrast is right and i colors are great, but if you want to change the calibration you can always do it through the appropriate menu in the settings. Also here we can set the dark mode, the eye protection mode, the navigation gestures or the double tap to wake.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Furthermore, by purchasing the Lenovo Pen you can use the tablet to draw or take notes. Unfortunately we have not received a sample, but the detection of finger touches is very good and we will be able to write quick notes or make sketches without particular difficulties.

Hardware and Performance

To move the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro a Qualcomm chipset takes care of it Snapdragon 730G, which is inclusive of an octa-core processor with a maximum clock frequency of 2.2 GHz, a GPU Adreno 618, 6 GB di RAM LPDDR4X e 128 GB di internal memory expandable via microSD.

In everyday use, the difference with the younger brother is there and it shows. In fact, the switch between one app and another, as well as browsing the interface, takes place with fluidity e without particular slowdowns. In this case, even the most complex operations are performed without criticality and it is even clearer how it is a product designed more for those who want to make it a work tool (perhaps by connecting a keyboard and mouse).

Regarding this aspect, we have integrated some apps such as the package Office with lots of Word, Excel e Power point with which you will work in peace, as well as some applications for notes and drawings such as Squid e Bamboo Paper.

Lato Gaming we are able to perform high details even heavier titles such as PUBG, which are reproduced without noticeable frame drops and with good fluidity. Obviously there are no problems with lighter games like Subway Surfers, Clash Royale and the like.


Il Lenovo Tab P11 Pro has a dual rear camera with main sensor from 13 mega-pixels with PDAF and a wide angle one from 5 mega-pixels with fixed focus.

The quality as on all tablets is not at the levels of smartphones, however since this device is officially sold for 649 euros, one would expect the shots to be at least useful for capturing some moments of everyday life with a certain clarity and quality.

In the daytime the photos are characterized by a good definition, colors slightly less saturated than reality and a discreet management of the lights. In short, to capture moments or to scan sheets is just fine! We can't say the same about the wide angle it is poco sharp and with a bit low definition. At night the quality drops and it becomes difficult to exploit it productively.

On the front, however, we have two sensors from 8 mega-pixels, both with fixed focus, but only one of these is used to take photographs, as the other is support for face unlock.

The shots are discreet in the daytime and subdued in the night, the management of the lights is fluctuating and the general quality is discreet. In short, much better for video calls than for selfies.

Videos can be recorded up to a maximum Full HD resolution at 30 fps, both front and rear. I must say that for video calls this tablet is excellent and we have not encountered any particular critical issues.

Audio and connectivity

As for the lower variant, also on the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro audio is one of the biggest selling points thanks to 4 JBL stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos, which thanks to their positioning on the 2 sides will project us inside the scene.

This is also because the volume is very high, the audio is nice full-bodied and has an excellent balance of frequencies with a good predisposition of the bass. However, if you are not fully satisfied, through the Dolby Atmos app you can manage the equalization to your liking. The microphone is also excellent.

Moving on to connectivity, our sample is the solo variant Wi-Fi, but that too is present Wi-Fi + LTE. The data sheet, however, tells us about Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou and a USB port Type-C 3.2 with audio / video output.

The latter is a big plus compared to the standard Tab P11, which did not allow this functionality. In addition, we also find the fingerprint sensor integrated in the power button. However, i results are a bit mixed as several times I have had to place my finger more than once, and then end up having to manually enter the password / sequence.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Facial recognition through the dual front camera is good in the daytime, while in the evening it struggles more, although it too occasionally fights.


Il Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is based on Android 10 with interface almost totally stock, as there is some minor customization from Lenovo. The security patches are updated as of December 5, 2020, a bit late.

Thanks to the slenderness of a stock UI, the tablet moves very well between the various menus and various applications, without ever showing particular criticalities. Basically there are some pre-installed applications such as the Microsoft suite (Office and OneNote), the Lenovo "Assistant" app, Dolby Atmos, Google's Kids Space and Bamboo Paper and Squid to draw.

There is also Netflix, but as already mentioned for the Tab P11, in the Chinese variant of the tabet once we open the app we are told that this must be updated. However, once we go to the Play Store we are told that the device is not compatible with the application. Obviously we can proceed with the installation through alternative stores. As for the variant sold officially in Italy through official channels, this does not happen and everything runs smoothly.

Despite this, we have a certification for streaming Widevine L1, therefore it will be possible to enjoy high resolution content on the main video platforms such as Prime Video e SkyGO, as not even Disney + can be officially installed.


Under the beautiful aluminum body of the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro we find a battery from 8600 mAh, which despite the large display and its resolution allows us to have one good autonomy.

In fact, with an average use that includes a little web browsing, social media, a few emails, about 30 minutes of play and a couple of TV series episodes a day, you can get up to two days of autonomy. If used more sparingly, even more since in standby it does not consume excessively.

As far as charging times are concerned, the device supports the quick charging a 20W and you will pass by 0 to 100% in about 2 hours and minutes 20. Not exciting results but so be it.

Conclusions - Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Il Lenovo Tab P11 Pro it's a tablet top of the range and it shows. It can be seen from the construction with attention to the smallest details, the premium materials, the elegant design, the incredible display, the engaging audio and the good performances on the camera, software and hardware side.

All this obviously reflects on the price, in fact the Tab P11 Pro is sold on the official website at 649 €, but thanks to the discount codes we share daily on our Telegram channels of GizDeals you can buy it on Bangood to a much lower figure, that is 335.3 € with coupon "BGgizdealXXP".

Although it is a tablet capable of guaranteeing us good usability, traditional office smartworking and a lot of entertainment and multimedia, personally I would never spend more than 600 euros. Fortunately, the street price lowers the shot and definitely makes it more palatable on the tablet market.

Taking into consideration that the Tab P11 it costs about 235 € always Banggood which one is worth buying? If you want to take a device that can guarantee you greater reliability and longer-lasting use, I would consider the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro since there are just 100 euros of difference.

However, if you have a limited budget at your disposal then the base range can still give you great satisfaction given the good quality / price ratio.

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