JIMMY H9 Pro review: no doubt, it is among the best cordless vacuum cleaners

Ok, let's start immediately with a comparison of the technical characteristics: 200 AW, 80 minutes of autonomy, 1.5 kg of weight against against 185 AW, 60 minutes of autonomy and 3 kg of weight. These are the technical characteristics of the new JIMMY H9 Pro, compared to those of the Dyson V11. And yes, listen, listen, the best technical data sheet is no longer that of the expensive English vacuum cleaner: a few months after its release of the H8 Pro, the Chinese company born under the protective wing of Xiaomi has even managed to overcome and until recently we could have considered JIMMY as one of the revelation brands in this particular and rich market sector, with the JIMMY H9 Pro has arrived the confirmation of how much the Chinese brand can now enter the Olympus of cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners with straight legs.

Because the JIMMY H9 Pro not only is it among the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market, but it is also among the models with the most accessories. Which raises (and also by a lot) the bar of value for money: the official price is 429,00 euros but I advise you to always keep the box below under control, where you will find the best discount available at the moment.

Xiaomi JIMMY H9 Pro review: the best cordless vacuum cleaner

Package Contents

Say that the packaging of the JIMMY H9 Pro is rich is to say poco. Because, we must admit, the company has managed to surpass itself in this too. In addition to the main motor, not only are there substantially all the brushes that could be necessary for cleaning your home, but the company has also thought about inserting the flexible main hose, which we have already seen in the JV85 Pro, and a charging base that finally does not make it necessary to pierce the wall: it is on the floor and allows the fixing of almost all the accessories contained in the package.

Here are the accessories contained in the JIMMY H9 Pro package:

  • Main motorized brush.
  • Carpet brush.
  • Anti-mite brush.
  • 2 in 1 crevice nozzle and 2 in 1 upholstery nozzle.
  • Soft brush and articulated tube.
  • Multi-position adapter.
  • Battery charging base.
  • Charging stand.

Design and materials

Despite the design of the JIMMY H9 Pro continue to follow the typical aesthetic standards of the company, the new wireless vacuum cleaner stands out from the other models of the brand for some details such as the motorized brush and the central suction unit which are slightly larger in size, but which continue to be very light and super resistant. Build quality is very high, above all evaluating it based on the current selling price, and thanks to the typical interlocking mechanism, assembling and disassembling the electric broom and its various accessories is really very simple. The structure is made of metal and plastic, and both the brush and the folding tube make cleaning simple and very convenient even in the most complicated areas to reach.

Very clever is the fact of including two types of roller in the package, to be replaced if necessary, which make the main motorized brush excellent both for solid materials such as ceramics and parquet, and for softer materials such as carpets and rugs. One of the most appreciated features of the company continues to be present, namely the structure studied to prevent pet hair or hair wrap around the motorized roller, which is a real panacea especially for those who have pets at home.

The weight is 1.5 Kg, is characterized by the classic pistol grip that facilitates its use in all situations, and like all the other products of the company, the vacuum cleaner is not equipped with any trigger: to activate the JIMMY H9 Pro it will be necessary to use one of the two keys positioned above, near the LCD display, and the vacuum cleaner will work continuously (exactly as it happens if you use the "hold" function present in other models).

On LCD display it will be possible to keep under control the cleaning mode and the remaining battery charge, the angles that the brush can reach are very wide and the flexible tube allows you to use the vacuum cleaner practically horizontally, in order to reach areas where other models cannot to arrive.

Generally speaking, all the components of the electric broom have been designed so that they can be disassembled and washed easily: for example, it is very easy to remove the filter. HEPA-13, which can be rinsed under running water, and it is also possible to replace the battery so that you can use a secondary one if you have to clean a very large room, but it is a pity that the spare one does not come out in the package.

Features and suction power - JIMMY H9 Pro

To animate the JIMMY H9 Pro there is a brushless motor capable of guaranteeing a suction power of 2000 Aw and which, thanks to the new battery, correspond to a power of 600w. Which means that you will never, ever need to go twice over a dirty area.

The methods of aspiration there are four, the most powerful emits a rather low noise and, as usual, in addition to affecting the actual power, they significantly affect the battery life: an important detail for these devices, which we will talk about shortly. In my opinion however, the choice of continues to be advisable always use AUTO mode, with which the vacuum cleaner will set, in a very functional way, the suction power according to the amount of dirt detected by its sensors.

Anyway, cleaning with the JIMMY H9 Pro it goes that it is a marvel and not only thanks to the great suction power, but also thanks to the excellent ergonomics and the possibility of flexing the main rigid tube which, among other things, can be disassembled in order to hook the other components, for example the smaller rotating brush to clean sofas or the car or the rigid plastic brush that allows us to use the Xiaomi JIMMY H9 Pro as a Vac.

Also excellent is the dirt container, which is slightly larger than average and which can be disassembled and emptied without the risk of getting your hands dirty. All its components can be washed under running water, as long as you make sure they are completely dry before connecting them again.

Battery life

The battery integrated in the JIMMY H9 Pro it is among the best I have ever had the opportunity to test. And believe me, I have tested several cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners. The company claims a maximum runtime of 80 minutes and, I must say, the real life results are poco far from what the brand says.

Clearly, however, things change when you use the motorized brush and the more powerful suction mode, with which, however, the 15 minutes of continuous use are exceeded without problems. And it is an excellent result.

Charging times, however, continue to be very slow, as in all devices of this type: for a complete recharge, from 0 to 100% of the battery, it may be necessary between the 4 and the 5 hours.

Price and conclusions - JIMMY H9 Pro

The price of JIMMY H9 Pro is 429,00 euros at launch. And just to celebrate the arrival of this new model, the company has kicked off to a launch promotion which will last about a month: by purchasing the cordless electric broom and leaving a review on the company website, you will receive the mop accessory that will give the JIMMY H9 Pro also the possibility to wash the floors.

Anyway, ok, it's not among the cheapest Chinese vacuum cleaners, that's true. But it is certainly among the best and is one of the most sensible alternatives to Dysons which, let's face it, are now starting to become perhaps a bit obsolete in some technical characteristics. Jimmy's improvement work continues to proceed like a train, and this is the confirmation: it is among the most powerful, has a myriad of accessories included in the package and is certainly among the most comfortable to use.

Too bad for the absence of a second battery in the package and for the charging times that continue to be significantly long, but at this selling price you will hardly find a better vacuum cleaner than JIMMY H9 Pro.

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JIMMY H9 Pro - Jimmy Italy

Buy the brand new Jimmy H9 Pro and take part in the promotion on the company's official website. 

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