Midea S5 Mini is the first oven with HarmonyOS

huawei midea s5 mini electric steam oven harmonyos price
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HarmonyOS, Huawei's operating system, was immediately greeted with great curiosity, especially regarding its use. And after a few announcements, thanks to partnership us Midea, Huawei launched the new electric steam oven, S5 Mini, with HarmonyOS, at a framed price.

Midea S5 Mini: all about the new Huawei HarmonyOS electric steam oven

huawei midea s5 mini electric steam oven harmonyos price 2

As for the design, we have a beautiful structure in turquoise with a style that we would call retro, but only on the outside. Indeed, the new steam oven Midea it stands out for having a lot of technology inside, but also a certain power. In fact, they stand out 1.800W, but also 4 cooking modes, as well as being able to customize your recipes and be able to sterilize it once used.

Then moving on to smart functions, being integrated a chipset with HarmonyOS, the electric oven can be connected to smartphones Huawei means NFC, so you can access a whole series of functions dedicated to the brand's operating system. The maximum achievable temperature is i 230°, so as to be able to prepare different types of dishes.

The new electric steam oven Midea S5 Mini is available in China on the store Huawei VMall at a price of approx 217€ (1.699 yuan), which for such a product is not that many. Unfortunately, as also happens with products from other brands, this type of solution is complex to export via stores such as AliExpress, unless Huawei decides to bring HarmonyOS here and all its smart home connections with it.