Huawei Mate 50 could have a brand new display

huawei mate 50 ltpo display

Although in recent weeks we talk more and more frequently about the new Huawei range P50, the first interesting information about the next Mate begins to emerge. Indeed, it appears that Huawei Mate 50 will be equipped with a LTPO, unpublished for the brand.

Huawei Mate 50 could be the brand's first with LTPO display

huawei mate 50 ltpo display 2

According to some leaks, we know that in addition to the confirmation of the chipset Kirin 9000, for the series Mate 50 we will have a debut on the display side for Huawei. In fact, it seems that a panel could be present on the next top range LTPO, which as we know it is a technology OLED which uses polycrystalline oxide a low temperature therefore going to replace the silicon used in previous technology LTPS.

What does the adoption of this solution mean for the di Mate 50? First of all a energy saving important, even of the 50% in less. In addition, there is the possibility to lower the refresh rate to the surprising 1 Hz seen also on OnePlus 9 Pro. In short, a very interesting technology, which is exactly in a mix between LTPS technology and the poco used but always appreciated IGZO technology (indium, gallium and zinc oxide).

In short, although we are still far from obtaining concrete information for everything concerning Huawei Mate 50, we can already realize that it will be a premium smartphone in all respects.

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