This is the first self-driving Huawei HI EV car

huawei hi arcfox αS HBT electric car

The future of Huawei it could be farther and farther away from smartphones and closer to the world of electric cars. For months we have been talking concretely about the steps that Ren Zhengfei's company is taking towards the automotive world. As for today there is no will to build their own car, the system was officially introduced between 2020 and 2021 Huawei HiCar. The first to use it was BYD Auto, one of the largest brands in the nation's auto market, also operating in Europe and America. And now the collaboration expands to other brands with the debut of Arcfox αS HBT, the first car in the world to integrate the even more advanced system Huawei HI.

Arcfox αS HBT is the first EV car with Huawei HI system

byd electric car huawei hicar
BYD was the first EV car to have a Huawei HiCar system

In addition to being an electric car, the Arcfox αS HBT has the same ambitions that a much more famous Tesla car could have. And this thanks to the synergy with the hardware and software solutions offered by Huawei, with which it becomes a highly technological car. The starting point is Huawei HiCar, with the use of a system of infotainment which provides smart screens and the relative declension of HarmonyOS. By interacting with these screens you have access to the services of GPS navigation but also the interaction with one's own smartphone Huawei. The plethora of sensors placed in the car allows to integrate a system of attention assist, Complete with webcam supplied, with which to understand if the driver is tired and make him vibrate SmartWatch to wake him up.

What is new in Huawei HI?

But the real novelty of the Arcfox αS HBT is that it goes one step further with the more powerful Huawei HI system. Compared to HiCar, here we also find the system LiDAR, designed to allow the cars that use it a system of autonomous driving. It is a system that uses invisible laser lights to scan the environment around it, creating a 3D mapping of the surroundings. Thanks to the sensors present, Arcfox and Huawei have created a self-driving car of level 3.

huawei hi self driving autonomous levels

This type of systems has environmental detection capabilities, thus being able to make autonomous decisions based on what is captured by the sensors. For example, accelerate or brake if you feel the need, but always with active human guidance in case his intervention is necessary. The other addition of Huawei HI concerns the support 5G, necessary for the implementation of the platform Huawei C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything). In addition to autonomous driving, this is used by cars to communicate with each other and with compatible infrastructures, such as traffic lights, cameras and speed limit signals.

As expected, Huawei is not alone among the smartphone and technology manufacturers working for the car market. The same Xiaomi officially announced that it will be the first a make your own car.

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