Huawei: goodbye top 5 after years, under Xiaomi, OPPO and alive

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If we think back to the first months of 2020, the global financial situation was far from rosy, even for the smartphone market. Almost all the producers at stake were the losers, victims of an economic circumstance that heavily slowed down sales. Especially for a sector such as that of telephony which has been experiencing a fluctuating decline for some years. But the primary victim was undoubtedly Huawei which, in addition to the pandemic, has experienced the consequences of a USA ban that shows no sign of moving away.

Q1 2021 marks Huawei's exit from the top 5 of the world market

Since the second half of 2020, Huawei's financial results have shown the first signs of slowing, in view of a financial fall that would progressively worsen. And in fact the economic results of Q1 2021 speak for themselves: after many years, Huawei comes out of the top 5 in sales of smartphone manufacturers around the world. The data unearthed by StrategyAnalytics highlights how Ren Zhengfei's company has not grinded the same numbers as its main rivals.

Net of Huawei's exit from the ranking, the rest of the positions remain essentially unchanged, with the Korean Samsung leading the ranking with a market share of 23%. On the rest of the podium we find Apple e Xiaomi, respectively al 17% e 15%, which they then follow OPPO e live, both at11%. The other significant data that transpires from this ranking is the growth marked by all these brands: + 85% for vivo and + 80% for Xiaomi, but also + 68% for OPPO, + 44% for Apple and + 32% for Samsung. . Substantial but physiological numbers, precisely by virtue of the fall in sales at the beginning of 2020, one of the most critical moments in terms of lockdown. But at the same time the cauldron "Others”In which all the companies that do not fall into the top 5 fall, marks a -23%, a negative sign in which - in fact - Huawei falls.

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