Huawei's autonomous driving challenges Tesla: here's how it works

huawei autonomous driving road test

A few days ago we learned of the arrival on the market of first car fully equipped with Huawei's automotive system. Well, today we also have the first images and how the autonomous driving di Huawei on ArcFox Alpha S HBT, which appears to be in line with the level reached by Tesla.

Huawei: this is how autonomous driving works on the ArcFox Alpha S

huawei autonomous driving road test 2

To reveal the first test for the Chinese brand's autopilot was the leaker Peng Peng Jun, which shows just how it behaves under various road situations, making only the integrated system act. And the result, as reported, is an experience of guide very pleasant, especially very fluid and natural, without criticality. The leaker, to make people understand the goodness of autonomous driving, compares it to a person well navigated on the road who knows well the ways to go and how to follow them.

This is definitely a turnaround for Huawei, which will gradually bring its system to other brands in the style of BAIC like Chongqing Chang'an e Guangzhou Automobile, going to indirectly expand its "machine park" while not producing them directly, thus challenging a giant in the sector such as Tesla, which makes autonomous driving the workhorse of its cars.

Incidentally, this could also be a boost for Xiaomi in relation to the production of its cars, which will try to disrupt the sector, perhaps with a completely self-developed autopilot.

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