How to make perfect noodles at home with Xiaomi

how to make noodles noodle machine xiaomi youpin

Those who know the Chinese company know well that Xiaomi is not just smartphones, wearables and notebooks, it is not just an intelligent ecosystem, but it is a real "world" of products also thanks to the support of its crowdfunding platform (highly appreciated at home) . For those who love oriental cuisine and would like to know how to do it noodles perfect at home, the trick is there and obviously they have to do with it Xiaomi YouPin and his new one pasta machine, as usual at a bargain price.

Flawless homemade noodles thanks to Xiaomi Kribee Big V | Features and price

how to make noodles noodle machine xiaomi youpin

To define Kribee Big V, this is the name of the device launched on Xiaomi YouPin, as a pasta machine is perhaps incorrect since it is a solution designed exclusively for make homemade noodles in a practical and fast way; other types of pasta are not covered. As for how it works, just insert the dough into the product and press the start button to obtain impeccable, compact and smooth noodles. It is also possible to make both thin and wide noodles, in order to satisfy the tastes of all fans.

The Xiaomi YouPin pasta machine Kribee Big V is offered at a super greedy price through the crowdfunding platform, that is about 25 € at the current exchange rate (199 yuan). Obviously this is a product designed for the oriental public but in any case given the growing interest of us Westerners towards culture, technology and Asian cuisine ... it cannot be excluded that it will also find space in one of the usual stores such as Banggood o AliExpress.

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