How to change Xiaomi MIUI startup animation (No root)

how to change startup animation miui xiaomi

L'boot animation MIUI of your smartphone Xiaomi you got bored and you want customize it with something different? Nothing simpler. Not everyone knows that, compared to a few years ago, this type of cosmetic change has been made even easier. Once this procedure was linked to the world of modding, since it required manual modification of the system files of the MIUI ROM. Fortunately, this is no longer the case and therefore you don't have to unlock the bootloader, get root permissions and make potentially dangerous changes. And in this guide I'll explain how to do it in a few steps.

Customizing the Xiaomi MIUI startup animation can and is simple

Premise: if you want maximum flexibility, then the modification of system files, with the replacement of the MIUI startup animation at the root is the most "powerful" method. By doing this, you can replace it with any animation you like, but it is obviously a procedure only feasible for geeks who know where to put their hands. Today I will focus on a very simple method and that does not require any kind of modding operation.

Everything revolves around the Themes platform, one of the strengths that makes MIUI appreciate to many users around the world. The related app is pre-installed on all Xiaomi smartphones, so you don't need to download any external APK files. And you don't even have to change the region of the phone, a passage that is still necessary today for change font. We remind you that, instead, the customization of ringtones it has also been extended to European regions.

Changing the MIUI startup animation is very simple:

  • Open Themes app
  • Click the Profile icon at the bottom right
  • Select the item "Customize the theme"
  • Select the option "Startup animation”And choose the desired option
  • You can also choose "Startup sound”To change the sound that is heard when the power is turned on

However, in your case you may notice that in the "Startup animation"Only the item"Classic“, That is the standard animation of MIUI. This is because by default only this is present in the MIUI and to have additional ones you will necessarily have to download other themes from the same app. At this point someone might be wondering: and how do I know if a Theme has a startup animation or not? The answer, at least to date, is negative. There is no precise way to understand it: the only way is to download them and, if they have it, you will see it appear in the relevant screen. The hope is that Xiaomi can add a filter to help users skim those Themes that have it from those that don't.

How to change Xiaomi's MIUI charging animation (No root)

While I'm at it, I'll leave you the name of some theme I've tried myself that has an alternate power-up animation. Just search for it in the Themes app, download it and that's it (unfortunately, it is not possible to create a URL to share with you from the app). If you have any additional ones to add to the list, please let me know in the comments that I add them.

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