Haylou RT LS05S review: the LONG autonomy smartwatch!

I want to be honest with you: I have been using an Apple Watch Series 5 every day for over a year in all contexts, simply replacing the band with a different one depending on the needs. In these days I have had to try a really interesting product for you, theHaylou RT LS05S a smartwatch very similar to the Xiaomi home products and that was spotted for the first time at the end of 2020 when its own Xiaomi presented the products with this brand on the YouPin platform and included this smartwatch.

The Haylou RT LS05S is, as anticipated, an interesting product: to be discovered. Let's analyze it together point by point.

Haylou RT LS05S review

Content of the package

Il the packaging where you will receive the Haylou RT LS05S is very simple and essential, as well as its content:

  • Haylou RT LS05S
  • Traditional USB cable with two magnetic pins for charging
  • Very schematic instruction manual

Design and Materials

One aspect on which the bar has been raised considerably on products of Chinese origin is precisely the construction and assembly. Years ago it was a very difficult undertaking to find products that met the expectations created by the images uploaded to the various stores; today, however, these products far exceed them and fully satisfy most of their users.

Haylou RT LS05S it jumped to the eye of the most attentive already in 2020 when it was presented on Xiaomi's Crowdfunding platform where it surprises for its incredible value for money. The device is made entirely of plastic which is why it is, all in all, rather light: with its solos 50.4 grams (including the strap) it will almost feel like you don't have it on your wrist.

The dimensions are approx 45.5 51.1 x x 12.4mm, not very big but not very small either; for slightly smaller wrists I would suggest choosing a different product as these dimensions could create a bit of discomfort during use.

Il strap is made of silicone; what did not fully convince me is precisely the strap whose plastic is not exceptional and you can feel it from contact with the skin. L'Haylou RT LS05S it does not slide very well on the wrist and in case you have a bit of hair on your arm, wearing it could create a bit of annoyance (I highlight it for the record, but it is very bearable).

La ferrule around the display is fixed, does not turn; I admit I let myself be fooled by the various "cuts" on the seconds, but alas the ring is fixed. However they are present on the right two physical buttons which will allow you to move within the various features that the smartwatch is equipped with.

Il top button, finished with an elegant red border, essentially only allows you to wake up and / or lock the device; the lower keyInstead, it allows you to access the menu where all the sports activities that the smartwatch is able to track more or less accurately are listed.

In the internal part of the device, that is the one in contact directly with the wrist, you will find the magnetic pins for charging the battery and the sensor for detecting the heartbeat.

Very important aspect lies in the fact that the Haylou RT LS05S is IP68 certified against dust and water splashes. The strap supplied in the package is black but in the various Chinese stores you can find spare parts of various colors including red, pink, orange, white, yellow and many others; I don't know if the type of hook it is equipped with has a precise name, but by measuring the width of the strap (22mm) and doing a simple online search, I was able to find replacement straps NOT dedicated to him but almost certainly compatible.


Looking more closely at the display of theHaylou RT LS05S we notice a panel TFT from 1,28 inches with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels with obviously circular shape. Dimensions, therefore, perfectly in line with other products in the same price range. Here too we are faced with a good assembly; the glass protecting the display is recessed flush with the rest of the body, it has a good oleophobic treatment and it does not keep many footprints.

Visibility is good and the colors are more than sufficient; the display resolution is a bit disappointing as it lets you see the pixels clearly on the screen, but you could hardly do better in a device of these.

Logically, it seems useless to point out, the display is touch screen. Great lack is, alas, the sensor for automatic brightness adjustment: in the various circumstances in which we will find ourselves it will be necessary to manually act on the regulator which is divided into 4 points and which, however, ensures a minimum and maximum brightness that is always good.


Being able to understand the equipment of this device is, in practice, an impossible undertaking, so much so that we have not been able to understand the SoC model of which theHaylou RT LS05S is equipped.

However, removed the processor, the smartwatch is logically equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0, GPS and PPG sensor for heart rate detection. A few considerations in this regard.

Il Bluetooth 5.0 is reliable; testing the smartwatch on both Android and iOS I did not notice disconnections for any reason; the bluetooth range is about 30 meters without disconnections. The GPS has a slightly subdued reception and an accuracy that is not 100% reliable: the sense is that it is roughly fine, but I would not recommend it to a runner, even at the first runs.

Il beats sensor, then, it is also not very precise: comparing the results with Apple Watch (which, when compared with the heart rate belt on the chest, really has a difference of 2-3 bpm at the most) I noticed a difference of about 10-12 beats by excess. Ok, I know that the comparison with a 500 € smartwatch is not sensible, but the meaning of my comparison is aimed only at measuring how much "difference" there is between the measured and the reality.

In addition, then, there is also sleep monitoring, more or less truthful too.


Il software it is one of those aspects that, on these increasingly convincing products, I would expect to see slightly more cared for because, even here, we are not there.

We are not there because the translations as always they are left to chance, both in English and in Italian (when it happens to find it, but this is not the case). With a swipe from top to bottom, from the home, you access the menu of the various connectivity functions that allow us to pair with the smartphone, adjust the brightness, set the do not disturb mode (which however continues to make you receive notifications ... mah!) And access the actual settings, even here rather risky.

From the settings you can change the Watchface (but let's talk about it in a bit), adjust the brightness, find out the device version, turn off / restart or reset. Stop.

Using the top key, on the other hand, you can access the "VIVO" a bit: monitoring statistics of movement of the day, heart rate measurement, access to sports mode which are many, the weather (which acquires the city and the consequent weather forecasts after synchronization and setting on the mobile app), summary of the sonno, summary notifications, check of music player.

Sports Activity and Operation

As anticipated a few lines above, there are many sports that can be tracked with the smartwatch Haylou RT LS05S: starting from jogging, brisk walking, biking, climbing, spinning, yoga, indoor running, HIIT, gymnastics, basketball, football and canoeing.

Definitely the most tracking reliable you will get it in the simplest activities, like the walk or the bike, while for the others some perplexity assails me, above all in function of the count of the steps that not at all convinced me.

Always making the usual comparison with Apple Watch which, I repeat, I use as a yardstick only because the measurements obtained from there are 90% reliable, in counting steps with theHaylou RT LS05S i was able to detect one deviation of almost 20% plus, that's not it poco.

There is definitely something wrong, especially if an extra hand and tooth wash can increase the amount of calculated steps up to 1500 more.

Synchronization App

Haylou Fun

The positive aspect is theHaylou RT LS05S it has the synchronization app for both Android and iOS, and here you have to mark a point on the scoreboard in favor of the smartwatch. The apps are very similar even if the various limitations of iOS make the iPhone app more miserable and sparse in functions, just think that the custom watchface (which I created with the GizChina logo) can only be created on Android and not on iOS.

However, it must be said that most users of this type of product have an Android device and rarely an iPhone, so in my opinion the problem of the limited smartphone app on iOS does not arise. 

Beyond the limitations on iPhone, however, the data collected are not so many as can be seen from the same application above in the various screenshots; for no reason, I lost my sleep tracking data. I viewed them the next day, but then upon taking the screenshots for the review, the recorded data disappeared. The app is quite precarious, it must be said. Devices like the CUBOT W03, to name one, have far more refined apps. 

La reception notifications is snapshot, even significantly faster than Apple Watch: the big problem lies, for example, in the incomplete information provided in the notifications. Let me explain: you receive a message on Whatsapp, you see the notification on the smartwatch and you do not see, however, who was to send you that message. And more you cannot answer anything, under no circumstances / applications. 


Let's say that in 2020 when it was presented, a battery was announced with great fanfare that promised up to 20 days of autonomy: obviously this is not true, but the autonomy is still good. With an average stressful use, therefore always connected to bluetooth with the reception of 3-400 notifications per day, it has an average download of about 20% per day, for a total autonomy, always with this type of use, of about 5 days. On the other hand, it consumes practically nothing during the night.

We are far from 20 days promised, but I think this data refers to a use more as a simple watch than a smartwatch.

Final considerations

As always on these products there is a big issue: the software. Many functions, sometimes too many, but never optimized enough. Sports activity tracking could have focused on FEW activities but monitored well, but here there is an overabundance of elements that are not optimized at all.

Too bad, because theaesthetic aspect is really nice and the assembly is excellent; the materials are good, the design is beautiful and it stands out when you wear it, and not just for the considerable size.

Its price is always between 30 and 40 euros on the various Chinese stores, which make it a purchase to be considered and not impulsive: however, the products in this price range are all a bit equivalent and, in my opinion, it all boils down to an almost purely aesthetic choice.

Haylou RT-LS05S

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