The Xiaomi YouPin monitor fan will help you in the summer heat

fan monitor table screen fan s14 xiaomi youpin features price

With the succession of beautiful days, even the temperatures and therefore the heat increase, reflecting on our work. So if you don't have a conditioner, the monitor fan or from table S14 da Xiaomi YouPin, with a very attractive price.

Screen Fan S14: all about the monitor fan from Xiaomi YouPin

fan monitor table screen fan s14 xiaomi youpin features price 2

How is the new product of the large YouPin commercial chain composed? Very nice to see, it Screen Fan S14 it is a colorful fan with very interesting functions. In fact, in addition to being equipped with a base to put it on the table, its ideal mode is to be placed on the monitormaking it very useful while working in the summer office or at home.

Work but also free time, since thanks to the aforementioned base, you can even lean on it smartphone below, so you can watch your multimedia content with all the freshness of its air. Power is from 7.5W, is equipped with 3 mode which obviously vary the autonomy that goes from 3 to 8 hours based on how we refresh ourselves. Also very convenient is the fact that you can recline up to 120 °, as well as being suitable for screens up to 30 mm, so the smart TV could be a great support.

The monitor or table fan Screen Fan S14 da Xiaomi YouPin it comes in 3 colors: green, blue and white, all with yellow references. But where can we buy this fan? You can find it on the store of AliExpress a this link at the price of 25.25 €, which makes it really worth keeping an eye on.

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